10 Worst people in MLM

10 Worst people in MLM

So this post is inspired by our beloved industry leader Todd Falcone, a couple of months back , he wrote the article ” The 10 worst people in MLM ” . This blog post was a major hit, it was shared, tweeted by tons of people.

10 worst people in MLM – Courtesy Todd Falcone

Today, I have decided to write a similar post like this after looking at different kinds of downlines I have or had. If you think it resonates with you, feel free to comment and share.

The names are just fictional, so don’t take it personally if it applies to you.

#10.Rude Ruby : This is the person in your downline act like she in controlling everything. If you tell her to bring prospects for the plan, come for the event/training , she will answer you are going to benefit from her, she may act arrogant. She is one of those who thinks because of her, everybody up in the network is getting paid and if she stops working, everybody will stop earning money.

#9.Hypey Howard : Howard is a nice guy but when it comes to prospecting and showing the plan, he always leads with hype. He will make tall claims of his income, he will go to such an extent to bash other Network Marketing company to promote his, but he gets frustrated when nobody responds to his calls or nobody takes him seriously.

#8.Pitchy Paula : Paula is the person who likes to pitch opportunity to everybody within her 3 feet, whenever she meets someone she can’t resist but do pitching and gets ridiculed. Paula needs more training on how to pitch properly but nobody is interested in training her.

#7.Sleazy Sally : Sally is good at talking, communicating and connecting but when it comes to closing , she acts like a sleazy salesperson and she is desperate to get that signup. Ohh poor Sally

#6.Johny the jumper : Johny was super excited when he joined your company but after getting a few rejections he got disappointed, he always praises other network marketing companies and their products , he is too keen to join the next lucrative deal but then that company goes out of business.Ohhh poor Johny boy…..

#5.Marie the Manager : Marie has around 50-100 downlines, so she acts as if she is their boss and tries to control them, she motivates them to do activities but she doesn’t prospect and shows only 2 plans in the month but she expects her downlines to show 15 presentations a month. For a long time, she is struggling to get them to work, a few of them have quit the business because of her attitude but she doesn’t seem to care.

#4.Blaming bobby : Bobby thinks he is very smart, master at prospecting and closing but when it comes to actually doing it, he doesn’t have any luck with it. He always wishes his upline was different, he was in another deal or another fast growing team. He always justifies his failures and blames it on his uplines and a handful of downlines.

#3.Innovator Ira : Ira is largely influenced by Peter Drucker, so when it comes to network marketing , she uses her innovative approaches to do business, despite following standard procedure, she thinks she is very smart and does exactly opposite. No doubt is she is very innovative in her approach but it is not working anymore…..

#2.Carrie the Crossliner : Carrie is a good girl but she is always worried about others, she is not worried about her and her downlines but she is so much worried about why other people struggling and why someone is not getting signups or why somebody is getting more signups. Sometimes she is so engrossed in others life that she doesn’t get time to show her own plans.

#1.Poor Pamela : Pamela is really poor not because she is not earning money from her MLM but she always asks/borrows money from her crosslines/uplines for any training, event or company convention but never returns back.

Obviously there are more people than this but I stopped myself from going any further.

Can you relate to some of these people ? Do you have pleasure working with them ?

Anyways feel free to share…..

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