5 Dumb Recruiting Mistakes

5 Dumb Recruiting Mistakes

If you’re in network marketing for quite some time, you will know how to sort through “tire-kickers” and bring fresh talent onto your team. It should not be pain in the butt. Here are 5 mistakes you should avoid at all costs.

Dumb Mistake #1 – Taking Everything Way Too S eriously

It doesn’t matter if you’re a newbie or a ninja black belt recruiting pro , some people are going say “No!” They’ll hang up on you, they’ll ask for more information. Who cares?

There’s an old saying in selling that goes like this, “Some Will, Some Won’t, So What?”. Instead of worrying about every “no” you hear – make it a game. Challenge yourself to get as many “no”s as you can. Go for “NO”. Make recruiting fun, and stop getting caught up in your prospect’s objections. Fail fast, and fail quickly, get up and get going.


Dumb Mistake #2 – Not Taking Massive Action

Don’t bog your new downlines down with a bunch of Books and DVDs. The last thing you want your downline to do is sit on their butts for three months trying to be a “guru” while they learn how to set up blogs,write articles, and run PPC campaigns.People get so caught up in details they never do anything at all. Stick to one technique and practice it till it starts giving you results. “Ignorance on Fire is better than knowledge on Ice.”


Dumb Mistake #3 – Trying To Persuade People To Join Your Opportunity

It’s worst thing trying to convince a skeptical prospect that you really do have the solution to their problems. Trying to make them see that a small investment today could change the entire course of their lives.It’s like preaching to the deaf. Instead of trying to persuade people to see things your way, go out of your way to find people who actually want to listen to you. Stop wasting time on “tire kickers”. Spend all your precious time where it is actually require. Hang up the phone and talk to somebody who cares.


Dumb Mistake #4 – Recruiting From A Position Of Weakness.

Turn the tables and make your prospects convince you that they’re worth your time. Recruit from a place of power instead of weakness.Stop trying to do things the hard way. Because a prospects “smell” weakness a mile away. They won’t “sign up”until you’ve earned their respect as a leader.


Dumb Mistake #5 – Trying To Pitch Everybody W ithin Three Feet

It’s absolutely crucial to your success in this industry – everybody is not your prospect. You’re looking for the “three percenters”. 97% of the people you meet are not worth your time. So get a “yes” or a “no” and move on.

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