5 mistakes of a worst networker

5 mistakes of a worst networker

What’s networking? It’s way more than shaking hands and passing out business cards , it’s like building your “social” capital. But most people don’t know how to do it properly, so they always mess it up. Today I am going to discuss about my major mistakes done by a rookie worst networker , so after reading this if you think that you had committed any of those mistakes.Please be aware. Otherwise you will get kicked out of every networking events.

There are 5 mistakes done by a worst networker .


Being a hunter : He is the person who is constantly dissatisfied with the quantity and quality of people. He hops from one group to another group. It’s the impatient behavior that drives that person to be crazy because he can’t see instant results. Be like a farmer. Cultivate relationships and then build trust.

Talking more than listening : If you meet someone, you just started conversation with them, listen carefully what he is saying. That person is indirectly giving you the clues. Understand his pain. Don’t give him the solution right away.

Be genuinely interested in your prospects not interesting to your prospects.

Don’t be a scorched-earth worst networker : Don’t go to networking events and start throwing your business card on the people you bump into. It makes you look like a desperate networker. Imagine somebody met you and without knowing you or introducing himself, he gives his card to you. How will you feel? You will feel like why the heck that person is giving his card to me?

V + C = P : What is this formula? V means visibility, C means credibility and P means profitability. If you miss any one of the components on the left hand side and expect for results. It’s not going to happen.

Don’t too much focus on yourself : Professional networkers look any event to build relationship but desperate networkers look it for transaction. There is a law of reciprocity, when you ask for something you are expected to give. If a person does favour on you don’t forget to do him/her a favour back whenever you get a chance.


Remember it’s not what you know it’s who you know. Go out, build solid relationships with people, you will find lots of quality and quantity people if you follow it.

So there are some good book which you can read to avoid being a worst networker

There are two books I would like to recommend for networking

  1. Never Eat Alone: Keith Ferrazzi

  2. Dig Your Well Before You’re Thirsty: Harvey Mackay

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