A single magical question you can ask yourself which can heat up your recruiting efforts

A single magical question you can ask yourself which can heat up your recruiting efforts

Most of us have learned how to be employed by others.We do what we’re told to do.We learn a skill and repeat it.We create a favorable result for our employer.

So what’s different here in network marketing?

What are the consequences of showing up late or not showing up at all? What are the consequences of lack of focus? what are the consequences of not following daily disciplines?

There is one thing which can either be used as an advantage or disadvantage for taking forward your business.

There is NO BOSS.

This is a good thing that you don’t have a boss,so you can work on your own terms but it can also be a disadvantage if you are not disciplined enough, you will not put focus.

I am sure your upline is going to push you but he/she can’t act like your boss and if he/she is acting like a one, better go to higher level.

Most people take this concept as a “ foreign ” concept.They think working for oneself means doing whatever they feel like doing.

Most of the people sit in their comfort zone hoping things to happen. They forget that comfort comes after work not before it.

Treat your business like a JOB until it’s paying you enough to think of it as a business.

When people say ” I am my own boss” then they are telling that “I don’t have to work as I don’t have anyone to report to.”

So what’s that magical question?

“Would I hire me?

It is based on the kind of activity,recruiting and duplication you are doing.

Can you hire yourself?

If that answer is “ No “. Please check out on your daily discipline. Something is missing.

Treat Network Marketing as a hobby and you will make a hobby income. Treat it like a business and then you will make huge residual income.

Learn to employ yourself.

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  1. Jigmee says:

    Nice work.
    I would surely like to know more about the” deadly technique” you have mentioned in your previous post.
    All of your articles have been of great help to me. :)

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