ABC of Closing

ABC of Closing

Most of Network Marketers while closing the deal goof up completely.

They don’t know what the closing is. They take the meaning of closing as “ convincing “. When they see they can’t convince someone into buying they go into desperate mode. They loose the posture & in the end they have lost the deal.

Today,we are going to learn what is the mindset required to close the deal. It’s mainly about the mindset. When I say that it doesn’t mean that you don’t require any skill but mindset is more important while closing the deal.

So when you show someone the presentation what is your mindset.

You should always be closing.

Closing means collecting a decision either “ yes ” or “ no

It doesn’t always have to be yes.

When you show presentation to somebody , while closing ask these 3 golden questions?

  1. What did you like the best?

Anything he/she says, drag him back to money part.

2. What do you think, can’t we do it together as a team?

Give him re-assurance that , you are going to hold his hand throughout the journey.

3. I think you are ready to get started. Ask him how soon he would like to get started.

This is the time you are going to hear a lot of questions, objections. Deal with them with an open mind. Don’t try to close the deal on the spot. Don’t try to hurt someone’s ego. You are in relationship selling not in hard selling.

Always remember it.

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