Blogging tips for newbies

Blogging tips for newbies

Is blogging really worth doing ?

If you really want to know whether blogging is something you really want to pursue then consider following points

  • Blogging helps you build a brand
  • Blogging gives you leads
  • Blogging helps you create more and more content for your audience

Blogging Tips

1. Always write for your audience. Have a target market & understand their pain and pleasure points. Provide them a solution. More detailed solution here .

2. Always think in terms of a marketer, wherever you go like attending events, reading books, meeting great people. Write about what lessons you learnt from them and teach them.

3. Always be consistent and congruent with your content.

4. Always focus on providing value and not pitching your business over and over again.

5. Always promote the affiliate product/service you believe in.

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