Closing Techniques you can’t afford to miss

Closing Techniques you can’t afford to miss

Closing ” is the most essential part of our industry as it’s the step where actual money comes from.

People tend to procrastinate closing because either they are too lazy to follow up or they are afraid of rejection.

We’re in the process of developing some kick-ass strategies which will help our team to grow faster and get higher closing ratio(up to 70% closing on the spot for higher priced products). I will be revealing some of these strategies in this week.

Usually what happens when you show presentation to your prospect or your prospect sees web presentation?

There are very few people who sign up on the spot. Yes, it has happened in some cases but not in many cases. It happens in 1 of the 50 cases on an average. You can check it for your organization.

But most of the time what happens?

After seeing presentation if prospect is telling you something like this “I need to do some research” or “I need more information” or “I have to ask my spouse” or “ I have to think about it” or etc. Remember, what your prospect is doing?

The prospect is bluffing ( 99%) or he is trying to get rid of you because he can’t decide on the spot or he smelled the salesman inside you.

Many times what happens, if your prospect is weak minded, indecisive ( Beta prospects )you can get some of this objections.

And sometimes you wonder that you will come across someone who is overly rude, pathetic listener, obnoxious, analytical or judgmental. You will come across these kinds of people when the prospect is “Alpha” . If Alpha prospects feel you are not confident enough or you don’t have enough posture or you don’t know enough information. They can detect if you are pretending or not.

These prospects will tell you the truth on your face of they feel weakness in your communication.

Tips you can’t overlook while closing

  1. After you finish the presentation, then let your prospect speak first. Remember, whoever speaks first looses the battle.
  2. Don’t try to sell/sign up on the spot in a hurry.
  3. Don’t try to hard sell.
  4. Don’t insult him if prospect asks stupid questions. Remember, you are helping him to take a decision which can probably change the course of his life.
  5. Don’t go into convincing mode. Maintain posture while communication.
  6. Don’t over-promise him. ( I heard someone talking to the prospect something like “ Hey xxxx, it’s very easy business. You just have to bring your 2 closest people. They have to bring their closest. So on and so forth.” If you sound like fishy, the prospect will sense it and even if he doesn’t get it,you are deceiving him. If his closed ones don’t sign up, he will quit the business in frustration.)
  7. Don’t over-promise and under deliver .
  8. Be in the sense of urgency without being pushy. (Say like” Hey xxxx, we are right now growing very fast. I want your decision which can be either “yes” or “no” as soon as possible because I don’t want you to lose the position if you delay to take decision” It will go into his subconscious mind and he will remember it while you call him for follow up.)
  9. If a person doesn’t show or answer for follow up, give him a reminder. Don’t directly ask him about what happened when a prospect picks up the phone. Break some ice.Greet him. Get into conversational mode and then ask about it.
  10. If you sense a prospect is not answering your call or avoiding you, don’t call 100 times.
  11. Understand this business is not for everyone. Remember SW5 principle.
  12. If the prospect is being arrogant or indecisive while follow up, try to push him either towards yes or disqualify him. Be postured. If the prospect is delaying to see your website presentation or delaying to do his due diligence, please remind him about that. If you sense that the person is deliberately delaying, then say something like “Hey xxxx, right now many people are signing up along with our group that we talked last week/month. XXXX are people are ready with their money but I haven’t signed up those people just because they saw it after you. You tell me what I should do?” and again focus on them. This script works almost with 95% success.

If you want to get better at talking and objection handling and closing, check this out.

Now this is something crazy.

In one of the upcoming articles, I am revealing one deadly strategy to sort and qualify fast and attract right kind of people who sign up on the spot. We used this technique to sign-up 57 people on the spot without showing them the plan in last three months. All of these people came with minimum buy-in of min $ 3000 to maximum $ 13100 .

If you want to know these deadly closing techniques please stay tuned.

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Look forward to working with you. See you at the top.

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  1. Hey Sukrut,

    This is a really good list to use for training an entire team, there are so many people that struggle with things like this and get so frustrated in their business and end up quitting.

    We need to position ourselves to where we really start attracting people for our business and the products and or services that we offer. The well known secret to this is providing value on a on-going basis and provide solutions to problems that people are having.

    Thank you for sharing this post!

  2. umang says: are awsome……it really help me a lot..thanks a lot….

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