Coolest places to find prospects

Coolest places to find prospects

Many people after having done with their warm market actually hit the wall. They don’t seem to know anyone else to tell them about your business. Today I am going to talk about some really cool places where you can easily find quality prospects.


Place no. 1 : Gym


Why to find prospects at the gym?

Because motivated people go to the gym and you’re looking for motivated people.
People with goals spend time in the gym. If you’re looking for business prospects, you’re looking for goal-oriented people. This is a good place to start.

Place no. 2 : Classes


You can search in your local area and find free classes, networking events and other events of interest. If you’re looking for business contacts or people with similar interests as your product line, this could be a good way to research new places to find contacts.

Place no. 3 : Join a Book club


Book clubs can be a great place to find new friends and build relationships. You can also get to know people on a more than social level as you learn more about their motivations and ideas behind the themes of books. This is a great way for an introverted person to get “out there” and meet new people.

Place no.4: Join a Social group

Don’t go with your same group of friends every time.You can build relationships and rapport with people of similar interests and
have fun doing it.


Place no. 5 : Attend meetup events

This is one of the most underutilized resources of all. It has a great potential to develop new contacts if you do it properly. You can read entire article here .

What’s the coolest place you’ve ever met prospects by commenting below.

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