Free places to find prospects

Free places to find prospects

When you get this question” Where do I find prospects without spending a dime?”
So today I’m going to share places to find real prospects for your business. I hope this helps you get some new ideas of generating leads.

Facebook – You can search Facebook for groups focused on everything from nutrition to holiday vacations to financial planners to telecommunication service. The rule here is to be in the group as a member of the community first and a network marketer second. You must make real connections and be interested in people before inviting. Always try to build relationship first then pitch your business. If you try to spam everybody with your link, you will be thrown out of the group and facebook will ban you for spamming people.

LinkedIn – Similar to Facebook, you may find groups focused on a topic related to your business – such as entrepreneurs. Get involved in the group first and then start to make connections. Build rapport and a relationship. Don’t send blind InMails (LinkedIn’s messaging system) or ask people to join your network without getting to know something about them first. Also, always look for a shared connection. LinkedIn has some great tools for getting introduced and networking. When you are in group, always try to focus on delivering focus on creating value in that group by sharing relevant posts, if you do that on consistent basis, you will automatically attract people who will ask you to join your network.

Twitter – If you look beyond the self-promotion and use Twitter in the interest of helping others,you may find some quality prospects. Getting to know the search features of Twitter can help you find opportunities to help people and make connections.

Online forums – Forums or online communities can help you make real connections with people. As with the sources above, you should focus on getting to know people in the community and make a valuable contribution to the group/forum. Answer questions, offer value and be there for the interest first, invite second.



Online/offline networking – is a great place for finding people and groups with similar interest to network
with. The good thing about Meetup is that you can research group members online first and then connect on mutual interests offline. Again, the key here is to contribute value to the group first and get to know your fellow group members as people. Inviting comes after you build a relationship. You can read more about here

These are some cool places you can find prospects, keep your antenna always open.

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