How the heck he converted a simple ebook into 8 figure business ?

He is responsible for converting an e-book into 8 figure business, where he is creating leaders and empowering entrepreneur to realize and fulfill their highest potential. He is responsible for creating 1000s of success stories in the last 6 years.

His name is Mike Dillard .

Now who the heck is Mike Dillard?

Mike Dillard is one of the rags to riches story. He has pioneered the concept of Attraction Marketing. He went from waiting tables to millionaire in less than 18 months.

His story goes like this…

He was extremely shy, had very little self-confidence and was dead broke.

He has been so low financially that he didn’t have furniture for three years after graduating college, and even had to pawn his championship-winning bike along with his training DVD collection.

After struggling for over 6 years, going into debt, and even pawning his possessions just to eat, he finally cracked the code when he discovered the art and science of Magnetic Sponsoring.

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While developing this book, he went into the psychology of individual and categorized them into pre-alphas, alphas and betas.

He teaches how you get people to pursue you. The basic answer lies in basic human psychology, so that’s where we need to start.

In old times, the leader (usually referred to as the Alpha), was typically the strongest and most dominate individual in the group or family, both physically and mentally. One of his primary responsibilities was to protect his group, and in return for that protection, they would follow him.This book capitalizes on this concept only.

You will learn two lessons here about the leadership.

1: People have a subconscious attraction to others who convey leadership qualities and have a high level of personal value.

2: If you want to make it big in networking, (or anything in life), you must learn to convey those qualities, and eventually become a leader with value to offer others.

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The fastest way to get rich in life is to solve other people’s problems.

People don’t want a drill; they want to know how to make a hole. Teach people how to make a hole and you will become rich.

So he started company “ Magnetic Sponsoring ” with his mentor and now a partner Tim Erway.

It was his experience and expertise that was responsible for taking Magnetic Sponsoring from a single course to the multi-million dollar publishing empire. He is a visionary, strategist and one of the best direct response marketers.

So here is step by step blueprint of how you can build your network marketing empire in these simple steps

  1. Define target prospect/customer matrix.
  2. Identify the problems and challenges they are facing.
  3. Determine how you can create anything of value to them which is unique or better.
  4. Create an offer that address their needs and show why your solution is unique or better
  5. Drive traffic to test the offer and build your email list.
  6. Lead with a funded proposal or self liquidating offer and generate leads.
  7. Convert some of those leads to your actual offer.
  8. Create more and more value.
  9. Rinse and repeat.

Using these tactics Mike converted his e-book into 8 figure business over last six years. Today, Mike is considered the industry’s top authority on attraction marketing, internet marketing, and personal branding thanks to the ground-breaking strategies found in Magnetic Sponsoring.

Over 1,000,000 entrepreneurs from over 65 countries have subscribed to his Video Boot Camp Newsletter, which he provides for free.

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Using these strategies Mike Dillard achieved following things.

He has made over $15,000,000 online since 2005, and as much as $1.4 Million in less than 7 days.

He is the creator of the industry’s largest social network and community,

His personal websites get more traffic than most Fortune 500 companies.

So what are you waiting for?

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