How to attract quality people into your MLM business?

How to attract quality people into your MLM business?

Many of the networkers face the problem of attracting quality MLM business builders throughout their career.

And when you start building your home based business, you will recruit and help your team-mates recruit lot many people, but over the period of time, many of them will drop out or will do nothing and you will face duplication problems.

Why does that happen?

It’s because false promises given to them at the time of recruiting. Many of the networkers while presenting don’t give the person idea that this is going to be the hardcore business, they have to put their time, blood and sweat into it to make it work as well as they have to hone their skills over the period of time.

There are hypemasters everywhere, they will sure get many signups but they will struggle in duplication.

If you want to bring quality people into your MLM business here are few guidelines

  1. Don’t hype and give false expectations
  2. Become a quality person yourself.
  3. Qualify prospects before presenting them.
  4. Always sponsor up socio-economic chain.

Remember,you won’t find sharks in a fish tank so don’t look for them there, so don’t go after your broke friends and negative family. Go out and network with people of right mentality.

Your income is average of five people you most hang out with, so if you don’t see surge in your income, you must be hanging out with those losers. Go and get life.

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8 Responses to How to attract quality people into your MLM business?

  1. steve krivda says:

    Attraction Marketing at it’s finest. Great post Sukrut

  2. Phil Sanko says:

    Hey Sukrut,
    Great post! I like #1 above… There is WAYYYYY too much hype in our industry and I’m tired of seeing posts like “Join my team and make $50,000 monthly from now on. No work required!” You’re right, to attract the right people, you need to be REAL with everyone. Show realistic or average results with POTENTIAL gain over time.

    Take care,

    • SUKRUT says:

      There is no easy way to make residual income. You are right. We should not run after so called “push button recruiting systems”. A few people I know made quite a good fortune there in 3 months which I made in 8-9 months with much more efforts than them, still I am not going for those systems.

  3. vivek kumar says:

    Sir i need ur help m unable to attrach any1..

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  6. umang says:

    its really helpfulll..:)

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