How to become a Master Recruiter ?

How to become a Master Recruiter ?

There are a number of sayings in this industry about“ attitude ”and I want to share with you my personal favorite:

Attitudes Are Contagious– Is Your’s Worth Catching?

Read that again: “ Attitudes Are Contagious– Is Your’s Worth Catching?

If you’re walking around with your head down,your voice resigned and expecting to recruit “ hitter s” into your business,you need a reality check,’because that just isn’t gonna happen.
Your “ attitude ”is instrumental to creating true breakaway success in this industry. I am continually amazed by the networkers who sound like their dog just got run over by a car.Wake up and smell the coffee.

Do they REALLY expect to attract ANYONE into their business when they sound like that?

If your attitude isn’t what it should be, FIX IT. If you’re faced with challenges(and we all are) focus on solutions,not on your problems.If you’re overwhelmed,then talk to a friend or get some counseling,but don’t allow a bad attitude to stand between you – and your future.

If you are not sponsoring the way you want to do, there is something missing. Attitude can’t be fixed by skill training, you may still not sponsor anyone and you may wonder why is that happening.

How to develop rock solid attitude ?

It’s not an overnight process, you can’t turn from a wussy to a confident individual in a single day. It’s the process that happens over time.

  1. Stop giving control in other people’s hands.
  2. If you are not sure whether you can succeed or not , talk to your upline or best friend.
  3. See checks of people who are actually making it..
  4. Attend local training events and also national conventions.
  5. Avoid the company of the people who look down upon you and be in the company of someone who actually lifts your morale.
  6. Take responsibility of your success in your hands, don’t be overly dependent upon any of your uplines or downlines.

Now, there is a difference between “ Attitude ” and “ Arrogance ” and there is very thin line between that. Make sure success doesn’t get to your head, failure doesn’t make you miserable.

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