How to deal with ignorant people ?

How to deal with ignorant people ?

Are you a fighter?

When a prospect says something negative about your company or questions it’s legitimacy, are you all too ready to spring into action, trying to fire your verbal guns literally.

It’s natural to want to defend things we believe in.There is no wonder that things can get explosive at times.

But… that being said: prospecting is about strategic warfare.

When prospecting, you have nothing to prove. If a close-minded person makes an ignorant comment about your company or compensation plan or product, let them go and move on to your next prospect. How to deal with such people, click here

It’s not your job to convince them or prove them wrong.

You can lose countless hours early on in your network marketing career fighting with (“educating”) ignorant people.

Every single battle you fight cost you precious prospecting time and your precious energy, and therefore is a losing battle no matter what the actual outcome.

When you come up against ignorant, close-minded prospects … let them go and move on. We’re not in the convincing business and you don’t want to waste one minute of your valuable time on them.

Instead, leave them in their ignorance and move on to your next prospect. Reserve your time for those who deserve it.

Reserve your time for those who deserve it. You’ll sponsor far more and you’ll be a happier person in the process. Learn here how to sponsor more

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