How to decide whether the person is right prospect or not?

How to decide whether the person is right prospect or not?

This is a tough one.

How to decide someone is right prospect or not?

We are trained to prospect every single person we meet but this topic looks little bit weird.Isn’t it?

What you are told is not fully wrong but it’s not completely right. Not everyone you meet is right prospect.

Now how to decide that ?

It’s a tough question.

There are not any exact guidelines but you can always follow some rough guidelines which will help you to decide whether the person you are talking is right prospect or not?

  1. The person is overly skeptical and doubter . While talking to someone, if you realize someone is asking too many questions or poking holes in whatever you are saying.
  2. The person is totally negative . If you are talking to someone who is always complaining how bad his job is, how bad is the economy, how this world is going to end.
  3. The person is hypemaster . You can easily figure out from his body language and voice tone that whether the person is hyping or not.
  4. The person is gossipmonger . If the person is talking negative about his friends, his relatives, his parents, his colleagues most of the time.
  5. The person is unambitious . If someone talks to you and you realize that this person is merely interested in continuing his job and not open to any kind of business deal.

These are some kind of people who are not the right prospects , you should not approach for your business.

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