How to get more traffic to your blog ?

How to get more traffic to your blog ?

In this post I am going to share a few tactics which I used personally to build my traffic and increase my rankings on Google.

I have learned most of the things from Ray Higdon’s Pro Blog Academy , it helped to build my brand and also helped in getting 2 signups within first 4 months and thousands of dollars of affiliate commissions and it gave around 76 leads in first 4 months, that’s pretty nice. You can also check a free video where Ray Higdon Teaches all his techniques for free.

Now, I am going to share a few tactics directly from Ray Higdon’s Pro Blog Academy to help you decide whether that investment is worth or not ?

Tactic No. 1 : Define your target market. If you are in a company which sells health drinks, then your target audience is someone who might benefit from that drink. If you are a realtor, your target customer is someone who is going to buy real estate at an affordable rate. If you are a financial planner, then your customer is someone who is looking to invest his money in order to save his taxes and get greater returns.

Tactic No. 2 : How to persuade people to click on your link is done by writing simple message like this

Tactic No. 3 : If you are not a technical person, you can get your WordPress blog setup from elance or odesk to save your precious time, use it only when you don’t want to waste your time on learning something which might not be useful to you in the long term.

Tactic No. 4 : If you want to become content creation machine, then don’t just become a consumer, always think like a marketer. Pay attention to all those things happening in your life. If you are going to an event, take notes, if you read some good book in your niche, take notes, if you do a mistake and learn a lesson , take notes and then write it on your blog.

Tactic No. 5 : The most important thing in blogging is consistency and congruency. Even if you suck at writing right now, but if you improve yourself day by day and you are congruent in your message, then in the long term nobody can beat you.

Tactic No. 6 : For proper Search Engine Optimization (SEO) of your blog, use these plugins : SEO Pressor and Easy WP SEO

Tactic No. 7 : Become a member of and take paid membership and share your content there, it’s a platform where more than 1 lac network marketers are registered and it’s the best source of targeted traffic and leads.

This is it, if I share more tips, Ray Higdon will kill me, if you think these free tips are worth it, then consider seeing this free presentation on how Ray Higdon gets 20-30 leads a day.

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