How to increase your confidence & credibility ?

How to increase your confidence & credibility

The problem we generally face is we lack confidence to talk to more successful people. We think we lack credibility to talk to them.Just because you are not well educated as your peers are, doesn’t mean that you can’t approach them.

When I started in this industry, I literally had no confidence , although I had very little credibility.

How can someone decide that you have credibility or not?

There is no credibility switch inside your head which can be flipped by somebody.

Nobody can make you feel mad or angry or guilty or not credible – you are the master of your own destiny even if someone says it to you.

It’s all inside your head.

People go to college so they can be more knowledgeable on a subject so they can get better results.Results matter always. In Network Marketing it doesn’t matter, if you are comparing successful in network marketing to college degree, you are highly mistaken.

How to increase credibility

The only way to get credibility is to get results. You should not really care about what others say or what you say to yourself.

Always remember : The best revenge is massive success.

  1. Talk to people anyways. Increase your communication skills.
  2. Be trustworthy.
  3. Do what you will say you will do.
  4. Increase your knowledge ( about the industry/products)
  5. Be genuinely interested in people.

If you sense someone isn’t giving you any credibility , move on and do not allow them to weaken your self image. If your prospect needs credibility in order to listen to you, then you can contact them after you’ve gotten results or you can use your successful upline as a credibility booster.

A person who is unable to evaluate a business has to judge the business based on their perception of the credibility of the person presenting it. Those who can not evaluate a business based on its merits will work for those who can or miss out on a lot of money.



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