How to make your prospects make a decision ?

How to make your prospects make a decision ?

Most people find this step as most difficult because they are too much attached to the outcome and when you are too much attached to the outcome you will find this as the most difficult step to close people.

Closing means helping someone to make a decision , no matter whatever the decision is “ YES ” or “ NO ” .

So some tips which will help you to close more people efficiently,

Never be attached to the outcome. No matter what.

I know a few people who are so clinging to the outcome so much and when they are heavily rejected and beaten down by prospects, they quit Network Marketing.

There are people who get depressed after someone which they are very sure will sign up won’t show up or says “NO”.

There are no so called “ ROCKSTARS ” in network marketing, you can’t predict what other person will do after he/she signs up.

A leader is developed over the period of time. A leader is created. He/she is not born.

You can read great book on leadership in Network Marketing here .

If you really want to help someone to make a decision , don’t be addicted to the outcome. Don’t expect that they will do something. Help them, coach them. Use consultative approach. You can learn more about it here .

We get so frustrated when somebody agrees to meet and doesn’t show up, when somebody agrees to sign up but refuses to pick up the call, when somebody is so fired up but his/her results are mediocre, when somebody quits.

Frustration means seeing the gap between what you think (or a version of reality you allow yourself to be addicted to) should happen versus what actually happens.

You can learn advanced closing strategies here but before that don’t forget to check out these free videos.

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    Thanks for sharing. This is a topic that we all wrestle with from time to time.

    Dr. Hale

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