How to master “what do you do?”

How to master “what do you do?”

So if someone asks you “ what do you do ?”

Some of you when faced with this question try to hide behind the bush, so next time when you go out prospecting master this question.

Don’t get baffled.

Always give benefit driven answer. Don’t try to put your opportunity under their throat. Prepare elevator speech .

Elevator speech is something you say to someone in not more than 30 seconds to raise his/her curiosity.

So next time, when someone asks you for more information after your elevator speech , don’t try to explain whole business then and there.

This is important time to collect his or her business card & follow up with them.

Nobody likes to be pitched on first visit.

Imagine yourself in prospect’s shoes, if someone tries to throw his/her business upon you , how will you react. You will obviously become defensive.

You have to deliver elevator speech & then show him/her that you are in a hurry.

Trying to pitch on first visit has never worked and will never going to work.

So next time, keep this mind. When somebody asks you “what do you do?’ Follow above mentioned procedure.

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