How to overcome information overload ?

How to overcome information overload ?

Most diseases are preventable but there are some diseases which are completely incurable. Most people don’t even have a clue on how to deal with them. The most profound disease of all is “ Information Overload “.

What’s information overload ?

Information overload is something having more information which is quite impossible to go through or grasp through your lifetime.

The only cure to information overload

The only cure to information overload is having daily ritual.

1. Exercise daily.

Everyday either morning or evening , take some time out from your busy schedule to exercise. Exercise everyday for atleast 30 minutes. Either running/walking/jogging or weightlifting/strength training etc.

Exercising in the morning is the best possible option. Morning exercise sets the tone of the whole day.

2. Mindset training

This may include reading chapters from a good book or reading an article or listen to self development audio or watch self-help videos or meet/talk with your active and growing upline.

This should be done on a daily basis not randomly.

3. Prospecting

If you want to make money in Network Marketing or even if you want to make residual income in Network Marketing , you need to prospect. You need to talk to people.Use most of your time in prospecting for business.

Resources : Free places to find prospects

Coolest places to find prospects

How to create new warm-up list using meetup

4. Meditate

If you want to create the day before you start your actions, then meditate. Meditate regularly. Meditation can release some of your thoughts which are blocking your creativity.

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