How to Reprogram Your Mind for success in Network Marketing

How to Reprogram Your Mind for success in Network Marketing

Changing your thinking is much more important than changing your actions, even though actions do have to eventually change.

When you come into this profession of Network Marketing, your mindset should be such that you are helping an individual so that his life will be impacted in a positive way. Unless it does get into your head, you will think of this business as a hobby or pushing or selling products to the people.

The First stumbling block people face is that they come into network marketing to cut short long journey which otherwise they would have taken to taken to reach that financial level of their journey which will now be completed in the next 4-5 years ,still people try to find shortcut to shortcut.

Let me tell you one secret “ There is no shortcut to shortcut.

Second thing is that success is achieved through tiny increments, compounded over time. That’s true in your life and that’s certainly true in this industry.

The third is the necessity of faith to be able to trust that those tiny increments will eventually turn into big results. In order to continue to do the things necessary for getting to the results you’re looking for, you have to have faith that they will show up eventually. You also have to understand that success isn’t going to be an overnight thing. You are going to have to continue to do the little things over a long period of time to get the big results.That’s called ” Compound Effect

There are five pillars of success in Network Marketing which will help you to reprogram your mind.

  • Philosophy
  • Attitude
  • Activity
  • Results
  • Lifestyle

Remember, correct activity comes from a good attitude and good attitude comes from a strong belief.

The first element is your philosophy , how you think. Your personal philosophy is shaped by everything that’s ever happened to you in your life. All your experiences, relationships, environment. Your philosophy decides what’s important for you.

The second element is your attitude , how you feel. Your attitude is hugely affected by your philosophy.If you think it’s important, it’s easy to have a good attitude about it. If you don’t think it’s important, you’ll eventually have a bad attitude about it. It’s as simple as that.

The third element is activity , what you do. We most often do what we feel like doing. If you have a good attitude about something, then you’ll tend to continue doing it. If not, you’ll eventually stop.

The fourth element is results , what you get. We get results no matter what. Results are just a byproduct of activity, good or bad. Good results come from correct activity. Correct activity comes from a good attitude and a good attitude comes
from a strong philosophy.

And the fifth element is lifestyle , how you live. This is a combination of our capacity for living the good life and how we choose to use that capacity.

So, what you think determines how you feel. How you feel determines what you do. What you do determines what you get and what you get determines how you live.

When most people decide to change something in their lives, they work on changing the activity. The flaw in that approach is they won’t be able to continue that activity unless they have a good attitude about it and they won’t have a good attitude about it unless they change their philosophy about it. This is the reason New Year’s resolutions don’t
work and it’s also why some people are so cynical about their chances to improve their lives. They tried to change the activities and couldn’t stay with it.

So, based upon all of that, what’s the most important area to focus on?

It’s your philosophy, how you think and based upon how you think, what’s important to you.

Tomorrow, I am going to talk more about how to reprogram your mind for success.

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