How To Separate The ‘Diamonds’ From The Glass ?

How To Separate The ‘Diamonds’ From The Glass ?

How do you identify serious builders for your network marketing opportunity?


Interview your prospects, ask them questions and make them convince you that they’re someone you should be investing your time and effort with.

Just because someone is “ interested ” doesn’t mean they’re a good prospect.

When companies hire for key level positions, the don’t just hire people who walk in the door and say they’re “ interested ” in working there, or willing to listen to the offer the company has for them.


They interview those candidates hard, and so should we.

Ask questions and invite prospects to convince you why he (or she) would be someone you would want to work with. If they’re not, you are more than willing to disqualify them and move on to your next prospect. How to attract more prospects, learn more here





So what kind of questions should you ask?

Start off with background questions to get a feel for who they are… then begin digging for why they want a business at this time in their life, and what a successful business is going to do for them.

1) What do you do for a living? How long have you been doing that? How do you like?

2) Have you ever owned your own business?

3) What kind of income are you looking to generate?

4) Beyond money, what’s making you investigate a business venture at this time in your life? (this is tough for some people to answer, but it’s important. I want to know what’s driving them)

5) What kind of time will you put into working your business? (If they’ve got big goals but can only put in 3 hours a week, then you gotta seriously doubt their commitment level).

These questions a just examples and not meant to be a script. The whole idea is to uncover who it is you’re really talking to. Are they curious or serious? Do they have goals and if so, how committed are they to reaching them? What’s driving that commitment?

Are your prospects giving you “ pat answers “? If so, challenge them! Say, “you know Dave, you’re giving me all the right answers but I’m not hearing any real commitment behind them… what am I missing?”

Put it back on them… remember, they have to convince you that they’re a good prospect for your team. We’re not in the convincing business, we’re in the interview business. Watch free video on how to sponsor 20-25 people per month.

Learn to be a great listener and listen to what they’re really saying, not just what their words say.

It’s “what’s driving them” that matters the most.

Listen for that and ask questions to uncover it.

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