How to start your conversation about your MLM?

How to start your conversation about your MLM ?

The most pressing problem people face is how to start conversation about your MLM with other people.

Although there are some good catchy lines you can use but not everybody is comfortable saying it. it all boils down to your beliefs.

First step, you have to do is to work on your inner game. Then lines are just a formality, but it’s also important to learn what language to use while you talk to someone.

While you practice some techniques, as you start making money, start working on your inner game, your lines will become fluent.

How to start conversation with a stranger?

This will not happen in one day. You can’t get past the fear unless you make it a regular habit to talking to strangers. It’s like a social muscle. You can’t develop it in a single day. You have to develop this over a period of time. When you have to exercise this muscle every single day.

Start talking with people first. Start talking with each and everybody, not only your friends, your watchman, your chemist, hotel waiter. While talking to them, give them a compliment. Sincere complement. Don’t give fake compliments. It’s not going to work out.

Always try to be interested rather than being interesting. Ask some questions related to their job, family, entertainment.After you know about the person, it’s a higher probability that the opposite person will ask you what do you do?

Always tell them benefit driven statement like I help overweight people to lose their weight. I help people to make money while they enjoy vacation. I am working on a project which deals into xxxx and we are currently developing markets in xxxx. Some may ask you out of curiosity. Don’t satisfy their curiosity. Instead, ask for their no and then follow up with them. Nobody will sign up with you, if you pitch your opportunity directly on them.

There are some people who will never ask you what you do. Try to raise their curiosity a little bit. Don’t try to direct your conversation to that. If that person feels like you dragged him/her to that topic forcefully, you can’t create a good rapport, so don’t force it.

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