How to use power of email to convert dead cold lead into hot hungry customer ?

How to use power of email to convert dead cold lead into hot hungry customer ?

So recently, I was testing power of emails i.e power of words to influence people. I was testing this strategy for last 6 months and after a lot of failures and learnings , I came up with this post.

You can use the power of your words to convert dead cold lead into someone who is interested in hearing what you have to offer and even ready to buy. These are few tips from my email marketing campaign……

Whatever cold leads I got, initially when I started , my conversion response ratio was 20-30% and then I started using some of these tricks and it went upto 60-70 and sometimes even 80%.

  1. Be straightforward with your mail, don’t beat around the bush while you offer.
  2. Startle him not necessarily scare him. If you don’t startle your prospects, then you are probably not writing a compelling copy.
  3. Use photos to boost response.
  4. Show actual statistics along with diagrams/pictures etc.
  5. Offer them something and then try to take it away from them. Don’t be afraid to walk out from the deal.
  6. Don’t try to convince your prospects that it’s going to be a good deal for them. Tell them ” It may or may not be fit for them.
  7. Use NLP in your language and match your prospects style. (Auditory, Visual and Kinesthetic)
  8. Make your “ Call to Action ” very clear.

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He has written a great book called “ Crackerjack Selling Secrets

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