Inherent flaws of Network Marketers

Inherent flaws of Network Marketers

There is inherent flaw present in almost all Network Marketer’s mind and that flaw is ultimately responsible for failure of that person.

The flaw comes from the fact that ” get rich quick ” mentality. Most people come to this industry because they see this industry as an option for making easy money. This flaw is not in the model “ Network Marketing ” but it’s in the mentality of people .

People come to this industry under the assumption that

” You become the part of the system, you bring two people , they bring two people, those two bring another two, those two bring more two and eventually you become rich. “

And when most people fall for this trap, they can’t see the real work and when their expectations are not fulfilled, they quit the business.”

The mentality is to “ Get Someone ” approach, getting someone to buy your product, getting someone to sign up with you, getting someone to do something….This mentality is the root cause of failure.

In this information age, people are very resistant to Marketing (especially interruption marketing) and you can read this book ” Permission Marketing ” by Seth Godin to get hold on this new concept. The period of big advertisements are over, now buzzword is “Word of Mouth” make sure, you make proper use of it to spread the business.

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