Learn how to employ yourself ?

Learn how to employ yourself ?

Most of us have learned how to be employed by others. We do what we’re told. We show up on time or there is a consequence. We take our breaks when expected or there is a consequence. We learn a skill and then repeat that skill or there is a consequence.

We create a positive result for our employer or there is a consequence.It’s safe. It’s comfortable. You don’t have to think too hard. You’re given the rules and you just follow them. You might strive to do better than most, but you’re still fitting in and doing what is expected because you know there will be consequences if you don’t.

In Network Marketing where are the consequences for showing up late or not at all? Where are the consequences for lack of focus or hard work? In our profession, no one is going to show up and make you do what you’re capable of doing. That responsibility now lies with you.

For most people, employing themselves is a foreign concept. They seem to think, “I’m working for myself so I can just do whatever I feel like doing!” They forget that lifestyle comes after work, not before.

Here’s some of the best advice you can follow…..

Treat your business like a JOB until it’s paying you enough to think of it as a business.

  • You’ll show up for your job even if you don’t feel like it. Most in MLM won’t.
  • You’ll show up for your job if you have a head cold. Most in MLM won’t.
  • You’ll show up for your job if your kids or family members have a crisis. Most in MLM won’t.
  • If you want to personally develop yourself in your job, you do it when you’re off the clock. Most in MLM count personal development as the majority of their work time.

In a job you have certain hours, you have expectations, you have value to deliver. If you don’t you get fired.

In Network Marketing, you have to learn how to employ yourself. You have to truly be your own boss. When most people in MLM say, “ I’m my own boss ” what they’re really saying is I don’t have to work. If you were really your own boss, most of you would have fired yourself a long time ago.

Here is a reality check

How much would you pay you, for the work you’ve done in the past 7 days?

If the answer is “Not much” then you have something to think about.

Learn how to employ yourself.

Be your own boss. Treat Network Marketing as a job until it pays you enough to consider it a lifestyle business.

It will change your life.

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  1. Hi Sukrut Khambete, Great article about how to employ yourself. I especially like the last paragraph, where you ask how much would you pay you in the last 7 days, this is a great idea to see your worth.. Love it Thanks for sharing Chery :)

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