Little mistakes that cost Networkers thousand

Little mistakes that cost Networkers thousand

Have you ever heard something like this— ” I talk to at least 10 new prospects a day, and no one is signing up.I show plans one on one or I send them to company presentations. And it just seems that no one closes…Either people tell me they are not interested when I follow up, or I can just never get a hold of them again. Or they just keep putting me off. It also seems that I am having good conversations with people but they are just not signing up. Can’t figure out what the problem is. Help me.

So…. what’s going on here?

1) The first and foremost thing that comes to my mind is a question: who are these “10 new prospects a day?” Are they really prospects, or are they nothing more than “suspects”?

If you’re “attracting” 10 new people a day, if they are not actively looking for what you have then they are not prospects.
They may become prospects down the road, but they’re not today,so you better be attracting more than “10” or these.

If you’ve created a sales funnel by doing some effective online marketing, or are using Pay Per Click and are attracting real prospects …then 10 of those per day might be just the ticket.

2) Doing one on one presentations is Ok but when someone says “I send them emails with my company’s presentation on them.And it just seems that no one closes.”

Seldom will people watch a “ company presentation ” through your email, and sign right up.

Sorry but… just doesn’t work that way.

Network marketing is a relationship business. You got to reach out and connect. Pick up the phone and set yourself apart… you want to attract leaders… then be one, and let your prospects hear it in your voice.

You gotta set yourself apart.

Don’t just rely on company presentations, inject some of you in the equations. People don’t join companies, they join leaders.
If you want to attract hitters? Be the leader others want to follow.

Check this out.

Simple as that.

3) “Either people tell me their not interested when I follow up, or I can just never get a hold of them again. Or they never review the information and keep putting me off. “

Why’s this happening? Simple. Either they never we’re a real prospect in the first place (i.e. you didn’t qualify them) or you never established a relationship with your prospect. In other words, they’re viewing you as someone trying to sell them on something, rather than the leader who’s going
to help them get to where they want to be (or connected up with the solution they’re seeking).

4) “It also seems that I am having good conversations with people but their just not signing up.”

Our job is to interview and qualify our prospects. We establish rapport along the way, but rapport building does not mean we become their friend.

Ask good question… and qualify-qualify-qualify!
If you don’t like the answers you’re getting to your questions, you should be on and off that phone in 2 minutes or less, perhaps even 30 seconds or less. Most networkers talk way too much to the wrong people. Don’t be one of them.

If you want to sponsor more, take a hard look at your process.What you’re doing. And what you’re NOT doing.

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