Living in the Highlight Mode

Living in the Highlight Mode

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One essential component of success in network marketing industry is living in “ Highlight Mode

What’s the meaning of this?

When we were shown the plan/business and shown the vision of becoming a millionaire in next 4-5 years, what we generally do, we see at our past and try to relate it to the present. We don’t have much money right now and when we try to imagine the millions and we can’t do it so we think it’s not possible.

“Your past doesn’t equal your future”

If you devote much of your time focusing on the things you don’t have/don’t want you will start getting things you don’t want.

Let’s illustrate this with an example.I live in India, so I will take suitable example from India.

Cricket World Cup is going on. India has paved its way to the finals against Australia & it’s working day. You haven’t got day-off from the office, so you have gone to work. Your boss deliberately holds the meeting the whole day so that you will miss the whole match. When the meeting is over, you try to check the internet but hard luck. It’s not working. Frustrated, you leave for home in your car imagining that you’ll at least get to watch last two hours of the match but your car breaks down in between, so you go to the nearest garage to repair it. You lose last two precious hours. As you are coming back home, you see people dancing, crackers bursting and joy all over the place.You had a feeling that India has won the World Cup.

So when you reach home, you switch on the television, you start to see the highlights. You see Australia batting first, making 500 runs in 50 overs, will you get tensed?

When Indian team comes to bat, you see 5 wickets falling at 100 runs, will you get tensed?

Because you know the “ end result ” so no matter what happens in between you know what’s going to happen eventually?”

Same thing here.

When you live life in Highlight Mode, you live life like you already have millions in your bank account.

Imagine, somebody has given you the postdated check of $1 million.

This is the power of being in Highlight mode.

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