Network Marketing is not a lottery

Network Marketing is not a lottery

I have noticed that some people I have spoken to seem to be looking for that winning lottery ticket . They have no concept of what it really takes to become successful in network marketing. I have had to tell some prospects not to even think about joining my team because they were not ready and would ultimately fail. Network Marketing is a long term business and just like any business it takes time and I have no time for the whiners and complainers.People like these will only bring down my business.

Some people join Network Marketing company with the perception that they are going to get rich by pushing a button.

They don’t carefully pick company. They choose the company having hot deal, ground floor opportunity.

There is a famous saying ” People die broke trying to get rich quick”

They think they will be successful within their first few weeks and even more hilarious they think they will talk to 5 or 6 people or even less and hit it big. Sometimes it is not their fault that they think like this. That is why it is important that a sponsor should not make false promises to get them to join.

I have come across people who just try to get a quick buck don’t give the prospect enough information to take informed decision and exactly same time, the lottery mentality sucks in and it leads to either frustration or attrition.

As a sponsor it is your job to inform your new recruits that they are going to have to work their business. It is so important that you get your prospects to see the same vision as you. It’s important for me to find out their WHY in their business and if they are joining to have a hobby or if they want to earn serious money. Once you find this out then you need to ask them how far they would like you to push them.

You won’t know how many times you will be absolutely blown away by people in your business you thought wouldn’t make it that turned out to be ROCK STARS! It’s almost like the one’s you think are going to do it, never do and the one’s you think won’t, always do. You may even notice this trend as you continue through your growth in your business.

I was totally negative about the industry a few years back because of some unfortunate incidences but I changed my mind after meeting right kind of people and reading right kind of literature.

Sadly this lottery mentality is very common in the network marketing industry. I have seen people hopping from deal to deal.

Little do they know that there are three things that will bring them success in any network marketing business by getting rid of lottery mentality.

These are;

  1. Making a decision to become successful. Not for the next month but for the long term.This is key! Think long term and think where you want to be in the next year to 5 years.
  2. Investing in your skill set and taking action! This means being coachable and finding the right sponsor to coach you. Find someone that has what you want.
  3. Focus, Focus, Focus! Need I say more! Don’t go out and join a bunch of stuff this will actually make you very unsuccessful.

You should know by now that your success is not dependent on others. It’s you.There is one article I wrote about No. 1 secret in Network Marketing. You should definitely read that.

I used to feel bad when people would quit if they were not seeing the results they want.

You can’t rise the heights by bullshitting, whining or complaining your way to the top.

I am not lucky. My sponsor does not do everything for me. I mean initially , he/she did a lot .You can achieve success if you have invested in your skill set. I went through the struggles in the beginning and I decided to become successful. I persisted, I know what I want and will stop for nothing until I get it. I have the passion and excitement and most importantly I believe in all that I do.I believe that what I have is a gift.It is precious and life changing.I know that the million dollar check is on it’s way.

So with all this being said do you see why I have no problem showing someone the door.

Success is never an accident.Success is a choice followed by action.

Success is not a lottery.

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