Never give. Always trade.

If you are in Network Marketing for more than a year, I want to share this thing with you. If you are doing some of following things

  1. If your downlines didn’t have any money for the product, you’re giving them some.
  2. If they are afraid of call the people on their list, you are making the calls for them.
  3. If they couldn’t recruit anyone, you would recruit someone and sign that recruit up under them.
  4. If they couldn’t sell, you would give them one of your sales.

Guess how far that will lead you to ? You got it. Nowhere. All it will do is to make your group sit back and wait for your next gift.

There’s by Ayn Rand “The unearned cannot be had and the undeserved cannot be given”.

“ Never give. Always trade. ”






Now before you think this is a heartless concept, let me explain a bit further.

In Network Marketing if you give without trading, you don’t help… you hurt.

If you took a look at a caterpillar in it’s cocoon and saw it struggling to get out, you might have compassion on its struggle and give it some help. Did you know if you made a tiny little cut along the edge of the cocoon to make its escape just a little easier, the
caterpillar would die?It’s the struggle against the cocoon that gives it the strength to live in the outside world. And, because you wanted to help, you killed it.

The same thing is true for your business.

“If it is to be it is up to me”.












That’s partly true. But when it comes to helping people grow, it’s not “up to you” to do everything for them.

  1. Recruiting family members or close friends and then building for them.
  2. Give me your list and I’ll do all the work.
  3. I can’t afford it, can you help me get started.
  4. Can you pay for my training?
  5. I just can’t recruit anyone and it’s so easy for you. Can you help me out ?
  6. I’ve got this great prospect. Will you call them for me?
  7. Will you meet my prospect for coffee ? I can’t make it.

You will fall into those traps.









So here is the solution.

Never give. Always trade.

Let me give you a few examples:

  1. If someone asks you to help them recruit someone, instead of saying yes, try this… “Arrange minimum 15 personal plans in the next month.”
  2. If someone asks you to call for them, tell them you will if they will agree to bring minimum 2-3 guests to next meeting.
  3. Instead of just giving someone your recruits, tell them you’ll give it to them if they will commit to sitting down face to face with at least one prospect per day for the next 7 days.
  4. If they ask you to help get their new person started, instead of just doing it, tell them you’ll do it if they will agree to learn how to do one on one presentation.

Make them do something.

Make the trade something they need to work on.

Make it some-thing that will make them stronger.

Make it something that will make them stretch and grow.

They won’t always do it, but if they don’t then the next time they ask for something, make them perform first before you help.

It helps them to become independent much faster.
And it helps you to manage your time much more effectively.Never give. Always trade.

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