No. 1 secret in Network Marketing

Do you want to know the ultimate secret to succeed in network marketing? What dictates your success? What’s your success quotient?

Is it timing?

Is it getting early or getting right place a t right time? No. Timing has no bearing on your success if it was time; people who started earlier would have become the millionaires, but is it the case? No. Right?




Is it upline?

Upline plays important role in your success but that is not the most important ingredient for success. People whose upline quit the business had also made it in this business, so with or w/o upline, you can build this business. You can have a great upline still you can have no success.




Is it past success?

Your past has no bearing on your future. People who are successful in their traditional business, job or academic life can’t guarantee their success in this industry. People are successful in the past, they are not willing to put the efforts that helped to get there in the first place. They are not willing to prospect; they are not willing to get their jersey dirty.


Is it money?

Is it the money you have dictates your success? If you invest a lot of money in your website, SEO, PPC, buying leads or whatever. Does it guarantee your success? Not at all. Many people who were on their verge of Bankruptcy or foreclosure made it.




Is it lack of money?

There are people who really need money, but they are not willing to prospect. So many people in NM need to prospect but they do what they want. People always do what they want and not what they need. So lack of money is not really the reason.




Is it talent?

Highest paid people in NM are not talented and they have one thing in common which is not vision, action, mindset etc., so there is no discernible talent you can find for successful people. I have written an article on difference between person who is highly talented and the person who makes it.




Is it company?

Company is not responsible for anybody’s success. Even many people who get into start-ups and make it and many people who start with established company and don’t make it. People even make it when their company closes down and they have to start from scratch, so its’ not their company.

Is it your comp plan?

If it’s the key, then company with the best comp plan would have been the one of greatest companies in the history of Network Marketing, but is that true? Although it plays the role in your success.

All the factors mentioned above play major role in your success, but there is one important ingredient which decides your ultimate success.

Only one thing

There is only one thing responsible for your success is that you decide. You can have terrible upline, you can have terrible product, you may not have enough money, you may not be successful in your past life, but that doesn’t matter. You just have to surround yourself with people who bring greatness out of you. Still it’s up to you.

I don’t care wherever you are. Choose today. Keep doing it day in and day out. Keep pushing yourself. Roll your sleeves and be laser focused. There is no logical reason to success until the fact you decide. You hold the key to your success.

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