One decision which could change your life forever

One decision which could change your life forever

Your life is defined by the decisions you make. Those who fail to make decisions have decisions made for them, by others and by life.

There are no escaping decisions any more than you can escape the air you breathe.

Do you really want to change your lifestyle? Then make a decision to do just that.

If you’ve chosen network marketing as your vehicle, then let me be clear:

DO network marketing. Do NOT “ try .”

To“win the game,” you MUST treat network marketing like a business… not a hobby . Otherwise, you’ll make “at best” a hobby income .

Success requires sacrifice…and work. Many people fail in network marketing, just like many people failing virtually in any business. Network Marketing is just an excuse. Ultimately, the only person who can guarantee your success in any venture is: “you”…and God.

We all have shortcomings & challenges and reasons we can’t do things.

Sometimes, things happen we have no control over. Never Give Up.

In life, when we say

I’ll try ,” we lack commitment .”

We’re giving ourselves an “out” in case things don’t go as planned. The trouble with that is human nature causes most people to “ exit stage left ” way too early.

When the going gets tough, let it increase your determination, not cause you to run for the exits.

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