How to attract quality people into your MLM business?

How to attract quality people into your MLM business?

Many of the networkers face the problem of attracting quality MLM business builders throughout their career.

And when you start building your home based business, you will recruit and help your team-mates recruit lot many people, but over the period of time, many of them will drop out or will do nothing and you will face duplication problems.

Why does that happen?

It’s because false promises given to them at the time of recruiting. Many of the networkers while presenting don’t give the person idea that this is going to be the hardcore business, they have to put their time, blood and sweat into it to make it work as well as they have to hone their skills over the period of time.

There are hypemasters everywhere, they will sure get many signups but they will struggle in duplication.

If you want to bring quality people into your MLM business here are few guidelines

  1. Don’t hype and give false expectations
  2. Become a quality person yourself.
  3. Qualify prospects before presenting them.
  4. Always sponsor up socio-economic chain.

Remember,you won’t find sharks in a fish tank so don’t look for them there, so don’t go after your broke friends and negative family. Go out and network with people of right mentality.

Your income is average of five people you most hang out with, so if you don’t see surge in your income, you must be hanging out with those losers. Go and get life.

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Network Marketing is not a lottery

Network Marketing is not a lottery

I have noticed that some people I have spoken to seem to be looking for that winning lottery ticket . They have no concept of what it really takes to become successful in network marketing. I have had to tell some prospects not to even think about joining my team because they were not ready and would ultimately fail. Network Marketing is a long term business and just like any business it takes time and I have no time for the whiners and complainers.People like these will only bring down my business.

Some people join Network Marketing company with the perception that they are going to get rich by pushing a button.

They don’t carefully pick company. They choose the company having hot deal, ground floor opportunity.

There is a famous saying ” People die broke trying to get rich quick”

They think they will be successful within their first few weeks and even more hilarious they think they will talk to 5 or 6 people or even less and hit it big. Sometimes it is not their fault that they think like this. That is why it is important that a sponsor should not make false promises to get them to join.

I have come across people who just try to get a quick buck don’t give the prospect enough information to take informed decision and exactly same time, the lottery mentality sucks in and it leads to either frustration or attrition.

As a sponsor it is your job to inform your new recruits that they are going to have to work their business. It is so important that you get your prospects to see the same vision as you. It’s important for me to find out their WHY in their business and if they are joining to have a hobby or if they want to earn serious money. Once you find this out then you need to ask them how far they would like you to push them.

You won’t know how many times you will be absolutely blown away by people in your business you thought wouldn’t make it that turned out to be ROCK STARS! It’s almost like the one’s you think are going to do it, never do and the one’s you think won’t, always do. You may even notice this trend as you continue through your growth in your business.

I was totally negative about the industry a few years back because of some unfortunate incidences but I changed my mind after meeting right kind of people and reading right kind of literature.

Sadly this lottery mentality is very common in the network marketing industry. I have seen people hopping from deal to deal.

Little do they know that there are three things that will bring them success in any network marketing business by getting rid of lottery mentality.

These are;

  1. Making a decision to become successful. Not for the next month but for the long term.This is key! Think long term and think where you want to be in the next year to 5 years.
  2. Investing in your skill set and taking action! This means being coachable and finding the right sponsor to coach you. Find someone that has what you want.
  3. Focus, Focus, Focus! Need I say more! Don’t go out and join a bunch of stuff this will actually make you very unsuccessful.

You should know by now that your success is not dependent on others. It’s you.There is one article I wrote about No. 1 secret in Network Marketing. You should definitely read that.

I used to feel bad when people would quit if they were not seeing the results they want.

You can’t rise the heights by bullshitting, whining or complaining your way to the top.

I am not lucky. My sponsor does not do everything for me. I mean initially , he/she did a lot .You can achieve success if you have invested in your skill set. I went through the struggles in the beginning and I decided to become successful. I persisted, I know what I want and will stop for nothing until I get it. I have the passion and excitement and most importantly I believe in all that I do.I believe that what I have is a gift.It is precious and life changing.I know that the million dollar check is on it’s way.

So with all this being said do you see why I have no problem showing someone the door.

Success is never an accident.Success is a choice followed by action.

Success is not a lottery.

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9 Points To Consider Before you Consider to Start Home-based Business

9 Points To Consider Before you Consider to Start

Home-based Business

A lot of people keep asking me “Should I start a Home-based business? Is it really worth the risk and time involved?”

Well, my answer to them is simple. I just turn things around and ask them these 9 questions.

Take a shot at it and see where you stand to know whether you can start home-based business or not.

1. Do you absolutely love what you’re doing right now for a living?

If you’ve answered YES, then you’re probably not cut out for the Home-based Business.
If your answer is a shrilling NO, it’s a good starting point.

2. Do you really look forward to Monday mornings?

If you’ve answered YES, Home-based business may not be for you.
If you’ve answered NO, you’re on the right track.

3. Are you living a lifestyle NOW, that you feel will inspire your children, assuming you have or ever will have kids?

YES? Then you probably own some sort of business already.
NO? If you really want to set the right example for your kids in terms of living that dream lifestyle, let it start with you.

4. Are you OK with doing the same thing what you’re doing now to earn money for the next 20 years?

YES? Good luck and know that many people envy you because most people hate their jobs.
NO? you need a home based business as soon as possible.

5. Are you OK with always asking someone permission to do the things you want; like taking a vacation, spending time with your family, attending a wedding or some function, etc.?

YES? You’re the man! Perfectly suited to be an Employee for the rest of your life.
NO? You’re the boss. Start Home-based business today.

6. Do you believe that your company or boss will have as much loyalty to you, as you have towards them?
YES? You are one of the rare few in this world, working in a dream company.
NO? Start Home-based business today and reap the benefits.

7. Are you OK spending more time with framed pictures of your family on your work desk, rather than the real thing?

YES? Then I guess ‘Work is Worship’ for you and your priorities are different.
NO? Start a Home-based business today so that you can get more time for yourself and your family.

8. Are you OK driving in heavy traffic everyday for 3-4 hours a day for the next 10 years?

YES? Guess you have a lot to do in your car or you probably love your car so much!
NO? Start working for Home-based business today.

9. Do you believe that you have a much higher purpose in life than just working for your boss/company?

YES? Then get unconventional and start your own Home-based business.
NO? Stick to your job and make your boss happy.

Meditate upon each of the questions above and if you’re able to feel any PAIN anywhere, it’s time you seriously start thinking about how you can start Home-based business.


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5 Dumb Recruiting Mistakes

5 Dumb Recruiting Mistakes

If you’re in network marketing for quite some time, you will know how to sort through “tire-kickers” and bring fresh talent onto your team. It should not be pain in the butt. Here are 5 mistakes you should avoid at all costs.

Dumb Mistake #1 – Taking Everything Way Too S eriously

It doesn’t matter if you’re a newbie or a ninja black belt recruiting pro , some people are going say “No!” They’ll hang up on you, they’ll ask for more information. Who cares?

There’s an old saying in selling that goes like this, “Some Will, Some Won’t, So What?”. Instead of worrying about every “no” you hear – make it a game. Challenge yourself to get as many “no”s as you can. Go for “NO”. Make recruiting fun, and stop getting caught up in your prospect’s objections. Fail fast, and fail quickly, get up and get going.


Dumb Mistake #2 – Not Taking Massive Action

Don’t bog your new downlines down with a bunch of Books and DVDs. The last thing you want your downline to do is sit on their butts for three months trying to be a “guru” while they learn how to set up blogs,write articles, and run PPC campaigns.People get so caught up in details they never do anything at all. Stick to one technique and practice it till it starts giving you results. “Ignorance on Fire is better than knowledge on Ice.”


Dumb Mistake #3 – Trying To Persuade People To Join Your Opportunity

It’s worst thing trying to convince a skeptical prospect that you really do have the solution to their problems. Trying to make them see that a small investment today could change the entire course of their lives.It’s like preaching to the deaf. Instead of trying to persuade people to see things your way, go out of your way to find people who actually want to listen to you. Stop wasting time on “tire kickers”. Spend all your precious time where it is actually require. Hang up the phone and talk to somebody who cares.


Dumb Mistake #4 – Recruiting From A Position Of Weakness.

Turn the tables and make your prospects convince you that they’re worth your time. Recruit from a place of power instead of weakness.Stop trying to do things the hard way. Because a prospects “smell” weakness a mile away. They won’t “sign up”until you’ve earned their respect as a leader.


Dumb Mistake #5 – Trying To Pitch Everybody W ithin Three Feet

It’s absolutely crucial to your success in this industry – everybody is not your prospect. You’re looking for the “three percenters”. 97% of the people you meet are not worth your time. So get a “yes” or a “no” and move on.

If you want to learn how real pros are recruiting 10-20 new reps every single month without fear, these secrets will help you sponsor even if you haven’t sponsored anyone before.

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This will separate men from boys and women from girls

This will separate men from boys and women from girls

There is a saying ” Trying times separate men from boys and women from girls

What is the true meaning of this?

Have you ever wondered how can a guy who is highly educated , highly skilled fails and some ordinary guy, school dropout , fired from job to job makes it ?

Do you think there is some discrepancy here?

The later has all the reasons to fail and earlier has all reasons to succeed but why is that the later succeeds. What makes him a winner.

It’s the mindset shift which you need to make in order to succeed. Success doesn’t ask for education, skills, money etc etc.

There is a thing called “Survival Instinct” which can define your success.

It reminds me of Sachin Tendulkar.

When Sachin went to play against Pakistan. All the famous bowlers treated him like a child, they used to pinch his cheeks and doing all the nonsense but when he played the first match, he hit three consecutive sixers when Abdul Kadir was bowling and then they stopped liking him so much.

When Sachin was playing against Pakistan, he was hit by the ball, his nose was bleeding heavily but still he chose to play. Why? Because he didn’t want his team-mates to loose morale.

How many of you would have played if you were into his shoes? Honestly, a very few.

This is the right time to take action

What makes you a true champion?

There is a famous saying

“Person’s character is defined not in the peak of greatness but in the valley of adversity.” When the chips are down, what you are going to be?

I just got email from someone narrating the story of Larry Thompson. It goes like this.

Larry Thompson – who has made several hundred million dollars in commissions as a rep, and a consultant to MLM companies.

It was ONE THING that he said that I found powerful.He told a story about Herbalife, and how they hit a billion dollars in sales in five years.

Then the government came in.

Larry had 100,000 downline quit in 7 days.

Did he quit?


Larry isn’t a damned wussy.

Most people think that Herbalife had their success because of what they did in their FIRST five years…

…not the case.

AFTER they defeated the regulators,sued the FDA, and cleared their name of nonsense – the NEXT five years are

what created the MONSTER that does $5 billion in sales a year today.

See – when you’re FORCED into a corner,you have to unleash a certain kind of energy,a kind of creativity to overcome problems,that SAME ENERGY is the energy and power that creates all victory, all success, all REAL


Click here to know more.

When Herbalife BOUNCED BACK after a fight that lasted five years…

…they EXPLODED in size.

The critics were silenced.

The MASSES created victory.

They became legendary.


…YOUR VICTORY will be created as you bounce back from pain.

When you get up…

…swinging in the 8th round, face bloody,on the verge of loosing and by the power

of your will – you rise like Muhammed Ali, and defeat your enemies.

Take action now

Because taking action will probably will separate men from boys and women from girls



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