Why you can’t afford to miss Pro Marketing Summit?

Why you can’t afford to miss Pro Marketing Summit?

Before I delve into the reason, first of all I want to give you some brief idea about why this event was organized and what will you get out of this event. I am sure after reading this article you can make the informed decision whether to buy or not to buy the recordings.

So why Pro Marketing Summit was organized?

We are all into Network Marketing or Internet Marketing Business and we all need some skill set to advance further into our business. Nobody likes to have their business with very little or no growth. Everybody loves to take their business to the next level but problem is that either they don’t know how to do it or they don’t possess skill set which is required to do that.

Our industry leaders know what is actually happening in our mind, so Mr. Ray Higdon came up with idea of hosting an event with the industry experts who can teach you the required skill to make it happen.

So what will you get out of this event?

This event was organized in Orlando,Florida on 28th and 29th of July. So obviously you can’t attend this event live but fortunately Mr. Ray Higdon, the host,of this event is giving us opportunity to hear them again and again.You can get it here.

Who is speaking at this event?

You won’t believe it but let me tell you. You are going to be blown away when you will hear who were the speakers at this event.

On first day, Ray broke the ice and started event followed by Lena Bjorna. Now Lena is award winning Internet Network Marketer. It was followed by Eric Worre, who is 24 year veteran in this industry and he has earned over 15 million in Network Marketing.

After the Lunch break, Diane Hochman took the proceedings further and she nicely explained the power of promotion and strategies to get thousands of visitors to your site. Mark Hoverson in his 90 minute presentation delivered a lot of value and gave blueprint on how to melt buyer’s resistance and sell your own products like hot cakes. He sold private mastermind worth $4000 at the end of his training and actually gave the demo of how he implemented his own strategy to sell.

The first day ended on a positive note.

tomorrow I will be telling you in detail what happened on Day 2 of Pro Marketing Summit.


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No. 1 secret in Network Marketing

Do you want to know the ultimate secret to succeed in network marketing? What dictates your success? What’s your success quotient?

Is it timing?

Is it getting early or getting right place a t right time? No. Timing has no bearing on your success if it was time; people who started earlier would have become the millionaires, but is it the case? No. Right?




Is it upline?

Upline plays important role in your success but that is not the most important ingredient for success. People whose upline quit the business had also made it in this business, so with or w/o upline, you can build this business. You can have a great upline still you can have no success.




Is it past success?

Your past has no bearing on your future. People who are successful in their traditional business, job or academic life can’t guarantee their success in this industry. People are successful in the past, they are not willing to put the efforts that helped to get there in the first place. They are not willing to prospect; they are not willing to get their jersey dirty.


Is it money?

Is it the money you have dictates your success? If you invest a lot of money in your website, SEO, PPC, buying leads or whatever. Does it guarantee your success? Not at all. Many people who were on their verge of Bankruptcy or foreclosure made it.




Is it lack of money?

There are people who really need money, but they are not willing to prospect. So many people in NM need to prospect but they do what they want. People always do what they want and not what they need. So lack of money is not really the reason.




Is it talent?

Highest paid people in NM are not talented and they have one thing in common which is not vision, action, mindset etc., so there is no discernible talent you can find for successful people. I have written an article on difference between person who is highly talented and the person who makes it.




Is it company?

Company is not responsible for anybody’s success. Even many people who get into start-ups and make it and many people who start with established company and don’t make it. People even make it when their company closes down and they have to start from scratch, so its’ not their company.

Is it your comp plan?

If it’s the key, then company with the best comp plan would have been the one of greatest companies in the history of Network Marketing, but is that true? Although it plays the role in your success.

All the factors mentioned above play major role in your success, but there is one important ingredient which decides your ultimate success.

Only one thing

There is only one thing responsible for your success is that you decide. You can have terrible upline, you can have terrible product, you may not have enough money, you may not be successful in your past life, but that doesn’t matter. You just have to surround yourself with people who bring greatness out of you. Still it’s up to you.

I don’t care wherever you are. Choose today. Keep doing it day in and day out. Keep pushing yourself. Roll your sleeves and be laser focused. There is no logical reason to success until the fact you decide. You hold the key to your success.

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5 mistakes of a worst networker

5 mistakes of a worst networker

What’s networking? It’s way more than shaking hands and passing out business cards , it’s like building your “social” capital. But most people don’t know how to do it properly, so they always mess it up. Today I am going to discuss about my major mistakes done by a rookie worst networker , so after reading this if you think that you had committed any of those mistakes.Please be aware. Otherwise you will get kicked out of every networking events.

There are 5 mistakes done by a worst networker .


Being a hunter : He is the person who is constantly dissatisfied with the quantity and quality of people. He hops from one group to another group. It’s the impatient behavior that drives that person to be crazy because he can’t see instant results. Be like a farmer. Cultivate relationships and then build trust.

Talking more than listening : If you meet someone, you just started conversation with them, listen carefully what he is saying. That person is indirectly giving you the clues. Understand his pain. Don’t give him the solution right away.

Be genuinely interested in your prospects not interesting to your prospects.

Don’t be a scorched-earth worst networker : Don’t go to networking events and start throwing your business card on the people you bump into. It makes you look like a desperate networker. Imagine somebody met you and without knowing you or introducing himself, he gives his card to you. How will you feel? You will feel like why the heck that person is giving his card to me?

V + C = P : What is this formula? V means visibility, C means credibility and P means profitability. If you miss any one of the components on the left hand side and expect for results. It’s not going to happen.

Don’t too much focus on yourself : Professional networkers look any event to build relationship but desperate networkers look it for transaction. There is a law of reciprocity, when you ask for something you are expected to give. If a person does favour on you don’t forget to do him/her a favour back whenever you get a chance.


Remember it’s not what you know it’s who you know. Go out, build solid relationships with people, you will find lots of quality and quantity people if you follow it.

So there are some good book which you can read to avoid being a worst networker

There are two books I would like to recommend for networking

  1. Never Eat Alone: Keith Ferrazzi

  2. Dig Your Well Before You’re Thirsty: Harvey Mackay

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This habit will either make or break your chances to succeed in any MLM

This habit will either make or break your chances to succeed in any MLM

This is the single most skill which is responsible for you to succeed in any network marketing business.

This can either make or break your chances of becoming successful in any network marketing business i.e. “ Follow Up and Close

The people who think they are not very good at follow-up, their chances to earn full-time income through this business is virtually zero.

How can somebody be not very good at follow-up?

It’s not a technically challenging thing. It’s just the skill you have learn effectively, either closing by meeting that person personally or getting him on a three way call with your upline sponsor.

Don’t act like you are into ” Boomrang Marekting ” hoping that people will get back to you on their own. It’s not going to happen often. You might get some few customers every now and then but you can’t build your sustaining career with that technique. You can get lucky sometimes but you are not going to make full time income if you don’t follow up and close .

Closing doesn’t mean “Yes” but it means getting the decision which is either ” YES” or “NO“.

If you are talking to somebody, then they are expecting you to get back to them, so follow up and close.

What’s the best time to follow up?

As soon as possible.

How soon?

Within 24 to 48 hrs.

Some tips on good follow up and close procedure

1. Call on appropriate time.Don’t call 15 minutes before or after. Act like a professional.

2. Take help from your upline leader while doing a three way call and listen how they talk.

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How the heck he converted a simple ebook into 8 figure business ?

He is responsible for converting an e-book into 8 figure business, where he is creating leaders and empowering entrepreneur to realize and fulfill their highest potential. He is responsible for creating 1000s of success stories in the last 6 years.

His name is Mike Dillard .

Now who the heck is Mike Dillard?

Mike Dillard is one of the rags to riches story. He has pioneered the concept of Attraction Marketing. He went from waiting tables to millionaire in less than 18 months.

His story goes like this…

He was extremely shy, had very little self-confidence and was dead broke.

He has been so low financially that he didn’t have furniture for three years after graduating college, and even had to pawn his championship-winning bike along with his training DVD collection.

After struggling for over 6 years, going into debt, and even pawning his possessions just to eat, he finally cracked the code when he discovered the art and science of Magnetic Sponsoring.

Get Magnetic Sponsoring here.

While developing this book, he went into the psychology of individual and categorized them into pre-alphas, alphas and betas.

He teaches how you get people to pursue you. The basic answer lies in basic human psychology, so that’s where we need to start.

In old times, the leader (usually referred to as the Alpha), was typically the strongest and most dominate individual in the group or family, both physically and mentally. One of his primary responsibilities was to protect his group, and in return for that protection, they would follow him.This book capitalizes on this concept only.

You will learn two lessons here about the leadership.

1: People have a subconscious attraction to others who convey leadership qualities and have a high level of personal value.

2: If you want to make it big in networking, (or anything in life), you must learn to convey those qualities, and eventually become a leader with value to offer others.

Get Magnetic Sponsoring here.

The fastest way to get rich in life is to solve other people’s problems.

People don’t want a drill; they want to know how to make a hole. Teach people how to make a hole and you will become rich.

So he started company “ Magnetic Sponsoring ” with his mentor and now a partner Tim Erway.

It was his experience and expertise that was responsible for taking Magnetic Sponsoring from a single course to the multi-million dollar publishing empire. He is a visionary, strategist and one of the best direct response marketers.

So here is step by step blueprint of how you can build your network marketing empire in these simple steps

  1. Define target prospect/customer matrix.
  2. Identify the problems and challenges they are facing.
  3. Determine how you can create anything of value to them which is unique or better.
  4. Create an offer that address their needs and show why your solution is unique or better
  5. Drive traffic to test the offer and build your email list.
  6. Lead with a funded proposal or self liquidating offer and generate leads.
  7. Convert some of those leads to your actual offer.
  8. Create more and more value.
  9. Rinse and repeat.

Using these tactics Mike converted his e-book into 8 figure business over last six years. Today, Mike is considered the industry’s top authority on attraction marketing, internet marketing, and personal branding thanks to the ground-breaking strategies found in Magnetic Sponsoring.

Over 1,000,000 entrepreneurs from over 65 countries have subscribed to his Video Boot Camp Newsletter, which he provides for free.

Get your 7 days video bootcamp here.

Using these strategies Mike Dillard achieved following things.

He has made over $15,000,000 online since 2005, and as much as $1.4 Million in less than 7 days.

He is the creator of the industry’s largest social network and community, www.BetterNetworker.com.

His personal websites get more traffic than most Fortune 500 companies.

So what are you waiting for?

Get 8 Figure Blueprint now.

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