Being an Entrepreneur

Entrepreneur ”. It’s a very fancy word.

But do most people know what it takes to be an Entrepreneur? Most people everyday waste their time and energy in focusing on things they don’t want but they don’t focus their energy on becoming something.

Today, I am going to throw some light on some of the aspects of it. I am putting my perspective in front of you.

Mount Everest Captured

I will start with an example.

How many people have heard of Mount Everest ? You got to be kidding me if you haven’t. It’s world’s highest mountain with a peak at 8,848 meters (29,029 ft) above sea level.

Do you know how many people died while climbing Mount Everest? Probably nobody reading this article may have an idea about it.

To be precise, around 224 people died since the first expedition started in 1922. The bodies on the sides of the climbing trails are used for landmarks.

Do you know what it reminds me of ?

It reminds me of a business. 80% of businesses which start, fail in its 1st year and remaining 80% fail in next year i.e. 2nd year.

The road to the top is literally filled with the shattered dreams.

When you climb it you’ll acknowledge some poor souls shivering or dying on the side of the trail but you don’t have time as you want to stay alive yourself to be able to help.

As you progress to the top, you may just need a brief nap and you know that the minute you drop-off your shoulders is the minute you die .

The most important point I am trying to make here is that are you playing to win or are you playing not to lose.

Most people do the things because they have to. Most people are playing not to lose.

Can you think of Olympic performer or successful business person who was playing it safe and just trying to do what mediocre mind will do, instead of REALLY GOING FOR IT?

They are doing the things because they are passionate about it not because they have to do it.

Second aspect is persistence.

Persistence. It’s not something you learn, but rather develop through a burning desire.

Persistence is naturally developed and is fueled by this desire. Most people give up to soon.

While persistence is the ability to go from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm . But ours problem is that we can’t deal with failure. The school system and our society are designed in such a way that they don’t teach you how to handle your failure.

Remember, there are no failures only feedbacks.

Persistence wins not sometimes, but EVERY TIME.

Third aspect is your ability to handle rejections.

How far you can go in life depends upon how many “ NOs ” you can handle.

How Many “NOs” can you handle?

You have to traverse a road with bumps, sharp turns, and lots of detours along the way without losing hope.

Bumpy Road ahead…….

It takes lots of guts and sweat equity to build house with bricks instead of sticks. You will encounter lots whiners, tire-kickers, leg- pullers in your journey and they meet you especially when you are down.

Fourth aspect is don’t seek approval.

So never ever look for approval seekers, because all the successful people never waited for approval by their friends and families. If you start looking for approval by everybody, probably you will never get it.

So don’t look for support from others.

There is an amazing book by Rashmi Bansal (alumni of IIM Ahmedabad). It tells story of 20 entrepreneurs who did it without much coveted MBA degrees. It doesn’t take any college degree to become successful entrepreneur.You’ve already got everything you need.


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