Passion : A Single most skill required to drive the business to the next level

Passion : A Single most skill required to drive the business to the next level

How passionate are you about your job? Have you found your passion, or are you trading your time for money? Does what you do contribute to who you are or does it distract?

When you get up in the morning and you are thinking about the day ahead, what does that feel like? Are you stressed? Are you filled with dread? Are you indifferent? Are you passionate about what you do?

Passion is an invisible force that drives people to do their best in the pursuit of what is important.

A person with passion never needs to ask, “ Should I or shouldn’t I? ” because they already know the answer is, “ I must. ” They are compelled to act not by an employment agreement or some arbitrarily determined set of job responsibilities, but by the belief that what they are doing matters.

Consider great works of art or a song that truly speaks to you or an invention such as the light bulb. These things were not created by people who merely showed up. They were created by people who could not be deterred — passionate
people who believed in their feelings, talents and ideas and committed themselves to giving the world something great.

I am putting network marketing on par with the Mona Lisa and the light bulb. I think that of all the things you could be passionate about, the way you live your life is #1 on the list. Once you begin to see the rewards of this profession, and shed the limitations you place on yourself with a traditional job, the more passionate about your work and your life you become.

First and foremost are the people. When you are part of a network you share a bond with people. You help them, they help you—and everyone is interested in the same thing. Think about how rare that is.In network marketing, rivalry is not an issue. By helping others, you are helping yourself and everyone in your network. By accepting help from others, you are helping yourself and everyone in your network and by performing the simple tasks that you have made part of your daily routine you are helping yourself and everyone in your network.

Next, there is the product. You really do need to believe in and be passionate about the product or service your business offers. It means the difference between being a typical salesman and advocate. Any salesman move merchandise. Advocates win hearts and minds.

Finally, there is the business model itself, no matter what product you distribute. Once you know about network marketing and once you see it work, you become an instant advocate. You want to tell others about it, explain how it works and what it could mean for them. You want to shed light on this alternate way of making a living and you want to
combat the myths and misconceptions about this business. And guess what? All these things you want to do, all the things your passion compels you to do, is part of the “work”.

But the most compelling thing I can say about passion is that when you are passionate, you attract other people. When you are passionate, people can read it on your face and see it in the way you conduct yourself. Passion is magnetic.
When people sense the passion in you, they will want to know more. It’s like seeing someone laugh and asking them to share the joke.

Can passion be taught? I’m sure people could argue it either way. Certainly some people will never be passionate about anything. And others have no trouble at all exhibiting passion all the time. My belief is that while passion can’t be forced, it can be cultivated. What I mean to say is that if you accept that passion has value and if you remain open to letting passion in – it can find you. It can become a defining part of not just your life but also your professional mindset. As I have explained, when you are driven by passion rather than obligation you have unlocked another key
to success in network marketing.

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