Power of Proper Introduction

Power of Proper Introduction

There are 7 key elements to a proper introduction


  • Open posture . It’s important to square your body up with the other person and fully engage in the introduction.
  • Eye contact . It’s critical you maintain eye contact through-out the introduction. If you lose it, even for a moment, it makes a huge difference.
  • Smile . When you smile, they will smile. Most of us need to do more of this anyway.
  • Energy . You can give energy during the introduction or you can take energy. Send it out in large quantities. It’s a great gift.
  • Lean forward slightly . Don’t overdo it, but if you lean forward slightly it will send the message that you’re interested in them. Try it and you’ll see what I mean.
  • Handshake . Not too hard. Not too soft. Firm. Friendly. Don’t hold it too long, but don’t make it too short either. Try to do it with open posture, while you’re maintaining eye contact, while smiling, giving out positive energy and leaning forward slightly.
  • Act like a long lost friend . If you truly act like a long lost friend (which incorporates all of the things above), you’ll find they will open right up.


The reality here is, when you do this right, you are giving a gift and people will like you. People do business with people they like and people who like them.

Set a goal to properly introduce yourself to a certain number of people this week. You set the number. Pay attention to what you learn through this exercise and use what you learn to get better and better until it becomes a part of you. Master this skill and you’re on your way.

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