Should you prospect your warm market ?

Should you prospect your warm market?

This is one of the major roadblocks many network marketers face. They don’t want to prospect their warm market. Why? They want to come to them as a pushy sales person.

Actually, you should prospect tour warm market because as many successful network marketers have build their business using this way only. This is one of the fastest ways of building a team.

Many people are reluctant to approach their warm market in order to look good but what they don’t understand is warm market has trust in you so there is a higher probability of them signing up with you rather than someone totally cold.

If you don’t do this with proper way, then you will come forward as a pushy salesperson.

The people who proclaim who build their business with totally cold market are forgetting one thing, they are actually teaching you the wrong thing i.e don’t prospect your warm market


Let’s say, if you go to some movie and you liked the movie, if you go to some restaurant and you liked the food. With whom you will share all these things first.

With people you know, like and trust


With strangers on the street

Think about it for a moment.

Most people come up with the excuse that they don’t want to prospect their warm market because it can lower down their self image.

When you are prospecting your warm market, don’t try to close everybody.

What mistakes people do with warm market is that they are emotionally attached to them and they try to push them hard.

Remember one thing,nobody is going to join your business if you excessively push, its opposite of “Attraction Marketing” i.e called “ Repulsion Marketing

So next time, when you are afraid of talking to your warm market, don’t think and analyze too much but don’t be attached to the outcome. If you push too much, you will come of as a pushy salesy person. Avoid this at all costs and people will respect you for what you do.

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