Six Dirty lies about Network Marketing Exposed!!!!! Part 2

Six Dirty lies about Network Marketing Exposed!!! Part 2

So today, I am going to talk about the remaining three myths people have about Network Marketing.If you haven’t read that article please go here to read it before coming back to this article

But before getting into all these, I really appreciate the people responded to my last article, I am continuing to hold the contest. If you don’t know the contest, you can get more information here .A couple of days back, I got mail from a lady in England to ask me about my business, she really liked my blog, BTW,she is signing up next week.

I am holding this contest for next week.

Now let’s get back to the topic.

Myth 4. Network Marketing will make you a pariah.

Everyone has a story that relates to this. In a nutshell, says, “ network marketing requires you to pressure your friends and family in order to be successful.” Like so many myths, this one is based on actual events. What makes this a myth, though, are the words “require” and “pressure.”

Require ? No. Direct sales business could survive on the handful of people you are friends with or are related to.

Pressure ” is the other problematic word. Pressure, in a sales scenario, should always raise suspicion. I will go so far as to say if you are ever feeling pressured to buy anything then you should walk away immediately. Customers are entitled to the higher ground, and there’s nothing you need so badly that you should surrender it.

So the next time, a friend or family member tries to give you the hard sell, first, say “no” and stick to your guns. Then, compassionately explain to them that they are doing it wrong. Plain and simple. They are wasting a golden opportunity to practice their craft in the consequence-free environment of your relationship and they are blowing it. Anything else is irrelevant at best and off-putting at worst.

Myth 5. Network Marketing is a job for natural-born salesmen.

This is a different type of sales that must be approached from a non-conventional point of view. And I will give you fair warning: even the best salesman in the traditional model has no advantage when it comes network marketing. The old
rules do not apply.

People who are correctly introduced to network marketing see that the only fundamental mindset that offers any advantage whatsoever is a predisposition to get along with people. Everything else can be taught.

Myth 6. Only the top people make money.

This false belief may be a holdover from the old notion of the pyramid scheme. Pyramid scheme .

I am asking everyone who are reading this article, please, please put an end to this one by learning and sharing the truth about what network marketing is. And what it is not.

As I’ve made clear, network marketing is not a scam. I have still my stupid bunch of ignorant friends considering every network marketing company as a pyramid organization.

Pyramid schemes are scams that may be disguised as network marketing, but there are some obvious warning signs that can allow you to easily spot the difference. The first and most important? Look at the payment structure.

If it involves getting paid any type of commission solely for the act of signing up new distributors, it is a pyramid scheme.

Network Marketers benefit from growing their networks, true. But Network Marketers don’t rely simply on the size of their networks. They make money based on the strength of their network. And, just like in any other industry, Network Marketers can learn and employ skills that strengthen their business.
A pyramid scheme is simply a numbers game, a false economy built on a phony business model.

No product is needed. Distributorships are sold, those new distributors sell more distributorships and so on until there are no more potential distributors out there.

In network marketing, everyone has the same opportunity to be successful. I have people that I have recruited who earned more than I did. How? By working harder than I did!

Some so called intelligent people advised me not to go for network marketing company which is not based in your country because all the money is going out of the country.

Don’t pay heed to their suggestions. They are ignorant. If money is going out of your country , then every time we use any imported brand , our money goes outside our country. Does that weaken economy in a major way.

“Absolutely No”

I am not an expert but you can ask any qualified person the same.It’s total B.S.

The formula for compensation will vary from one business to another, but because Network Marketers can develop skills to grow and strengthen their networks, and because their networks become the source of their compensation, the playing field is level for all. Network marketing is a business, and success or failure in any business depends on how good you are. And how badly you want success.

So that’s all for Today.

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  1. steve krivda says:

    Great stuff man. people get “Told” by other people who just don’t know.
    Thanks man

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