Six Dirty lies about Network Marketing Exposed!!!!!

Six Dirty lies about Network Marketing Exposed!!!!!

Today, we are going to talk about some common myths ignorant people have about our industry.

The people outside of our industry have bad perception about our industry. They think of us as a pushy, shady peddlers with a bag full of B.S. material which no-one wants.

The blame should not be put on network marketing industry but on the bad players in this industry.

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Myth 1. Network Marketers are pushy/peddlers.

Of all the misconceptions I encounter surrounding the business of network marketing, this is probably the most common—the idea that Network Marketers are peddlers, pushing product no one wants. To put it as simply as possible,
Network Marketers are not the door-to-door salesmen of yesterday.

Network marketing isn’t all about selling products. In fact, Network Marketers who put 100% of their effort selling products are just scratching at the surface.Take a minute to process that. This is huge.

Network marketing is about building networks . Now, the product is important, of course. And selling is necessary. But the image you may have of product-pushers with garages and trunks filled with stuff they “need to move”? That’s not us. The product is important only in as much as belief in it, love for it, becomes the basis for the network. This belief has to be real and founded, of course. Think about the devotion people show in preferring Pepsi over Coke, or Coke over Pepsi. Belief must be there.
When it is, you are not peddling product, you are finding people who believe in the same thing that you do. People you find who agree form your network. People who do not? Well, we wish them success in finding something they like.

Myth 2.Network Marketers sell bad products.

An other common myth is that products sold through networks are overpriced and inferior. People agree, though, that these products do sell and many have been around for a very long time. So, if you are telling me that the products are no good, and you are also telling me that these products also make money, we have a problem. Either you are suggesting that the basic principles of consumerism are wrong, or you believe that network marketing is somehow a scam. For so many to proft for so long distributing products that people don’t want would require an enormous,Ponzi-scheme-like conspiracy. Let me put this notion to bed as quickly and clearly as I can. Network marketing is not a scam. It is a business model that distributes goods outside the brick and mortar retail establishment. And the products are not rip-offs.

I know a lot of people who have found success in network marketing. The vast majority of products sold in this manner are not overpriced. They aren’t inferior, either. Many are niche, of course. Many are only appropriate for a specifc demographic, such as product lines meant only for women, or designed solely for the health-conscious. But I can say with complete confdence that the products I have seen or used offer strong value and innovative products that cannot be found at your local retailer.

Myth 3. Direct sales companies can’t retail their products.

It can be summed up in a question I hear a lot, “ If the products are so good, why aren’t they sold in stores? ” When people imply that products marketed using direct sales are somehow “not ready for prime time” they are guilty of an old way of thinking. It’s not that these products can’t fight it out on the shelves alongside store brands. It’s that they don’t have to. It’s that their makers don’t want to spend millions on marketing, advertising, and elaborate supply chain infrastructure. It is that they have a story that is too complex to tell in a catchy tagline,one that requires real background and real answers. And, more often than not, it is that their product is so specialized that it is better suited
to the precision of network marketing vs. the buckshot approach that is brick-and-mortar retail.

So these are top three dirty lies I just covered, in the next article I am going to cover remaining three dirty secrets about this industry.

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2 Responses to Six Dirty lies about Network Marketing Exposed!!!!!

  1. Zubin says:

    Completely agree with these views. Network marketing is not about the products but building networks of people who share a common vision and goal.

  2. Krrish says:

    As of now 2013, world wide Network marketing budget is approx USD 5000 billion, and day by day it is enhancing, people are totally ignorant about it and a couple of bad operators lead to defaming of entire Network fraternity.

    Whole of their life peeople keep on trying to make /build their networks let it be family, biz, job, services etc and when they r told to participate they fall back.

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