The biggest mistake made in sponsoring

The biggest mistake made in sponsoring

Learning how to close is more important than prospecting because fear of future holds many people back while prospecting. The biggest mistake made while sponsoring is not learning how to close someone before you actually prospect them, but if they understand closing the path becomes very less resistant.

There are a few methods of closing but there are more effective methods which can be used while closing to get more powerful results. This method is called ” Test Closing” It’s the method where you get real commitment from prospects. Asking questions like

  1. What’s the most important reason to get involved in the business ?

  2. Apart from money, what is the main reason you see yourself doing it ?

  3. Why you are open to look at home based business ?

If you don’t ask such questions, the prospect has no reason to sign up with you. Nobody is interested in your compensation plan, products, people are interested in themselves, if somebody is not watching your presentation or not coming to see what you have to offer, because he/she saw you as a Salesperson. Don’t beat your prospects with your products/services. Check whether they are open, collect the decision and move on.

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  1. Bryan Floro says:

    Great post and great questions to be asking yourself! Thank for sharing!

    -Bryan Floro

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