The power of Belief

The power of Belief

As I was “getting started” in network marketing, I can remember the many conversations I had with people who lacked belief.

I remember how skeptical they were and I remember thinking that if only I could give them “the right” information, surely they’d see what a great opportunity they had in front of them and come on board.

I’m embarrassed to admit it, but I lost a lot of money & time on them and I sponsored ZERO.

At the time, I was thinking: “how could this happen?” They said they were “interested“. After they stopped picking up my calls.

It was not lack of belief in my opportunity, but rather belief in themselves.

Things turned around when I began focusing on prospects who already had belief. Belief in who they were, belief in their capabilities. Belief that they could succeed in a business of their own. Belief in entrepreneurship.

If you seek out people who already have belief, the sponsoring process becomes much simpler and more fluid.If you want to know where to find such people check out this free video .


Such individuals will go through the material you give them, and they don’t need to be convinced… they will convince themselves.

Where do you find such prospects?


They’re the ones who’ve already accomplished great things in their lives. They may be someone you know who owns their own successful business. Someone who “stuck with it” and completed their college education despite challenges. Or someone who pursued their dreams in life against the advice of well meaning family members who “couldn’t see outside of the box”.

Look for people who aren’t afraid to “Zig” when everyone else says to “Zag”. People with resolve. People who are bold or at the very least, tenacious and won’t let go of what they really want in life.

Trust me, they’re out there.You can get them here .

If you stop and think, I’m betting a few will come to mind. If not, then keep your eyes open. Once you learn to recognize them, you’ll start seeing people like this nearly every day as you live your life.

When you see one, strike up a conversation. Get to know them a little and when the time’s right, ask them if they’re open to learning more about a good money making idea.

Their answer may surprise you.

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  1. Great post and when it comes to having a home business you have to have a lot of belief. if you don’t, you’re not going to last too long if you even go as far as to starting a home business. Thanks for sharing!

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