The Power of Face to Face Meetings

The Power of Face to Face Meetings

In our increasingly technological world, people naturally gravitate towards things like email, Skype, online chatting, SMS messages, websites, conference calls or webinars in order to promote their product or opportunity.

It’s true in some ways those breakthroughs have increased our connection with the world. However, while technology has helped us connect to more people easier, it can turn into avoidance behavior. Instead of meeting with people, it is so easy to sit around with your laptop pretending to build a business.

Most of the important business in the world happens face to face .

Your job is to build trust with your prospect and then transfer your belief in your product or opportunity. You can make a connection through technology, but to build trust many times face to face interaction is required. And once you’ve built that trust, to transfer your belief in your product or
service, face to face does a much better job than technology.

When people say, “I want to build my business online” what I really hear them say is “I want to build a business without the trouble of actually meeting people.” They are either too cool or too afraid of the human interaction.


Some people in the Network Marketing Profession don’t believe in a 1-on-1. I think they’re dead wrong. Here are just some of the reasons I believe in it so strongly:
1. It helps to build the relationship, which in turn builds trust
2. It is much easier to transfer your belief in your product or service
3. It keeps you active and in the game. If you know you have a 1-on-1 coming up, you’re in a different mindset.
4. It actually makes you more excited about your opportunity. Just by doing the presentation with another person, you’ll build a much deeper belief in product or opportunity
5. It prepares you for future leadership opportunities because if you get better at presenting, you’ll be ready when the time comes to do it for a larger audience.
7. It’s so great to know that when other people are just having coffee or going to lunch, that you are building a better life and helping other people do the same I have a friend in our profession who wanted to launch his business.

Set a goal to do one face to face meeting every day. You can figure it out. Breakfast, coffee, lunch, it doesn’t matter. Make it happen.

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