The Power of Questions

The Power of Questions

Do you know the quality of your life is affected by questions you ask yourself on a daily basis ?

Isn’t it amazing ?

The questions dictate the quality of your life.

Success in Network Marketing is 95% mental.

We are sometimes our own worst enemy. We allow negative thoughts to run in the background of our mind, day after day. Thoughts like: “ I’m not sure I can do this ”,or,“ What if I’m wasting my time ”,or“ I’m not good enough ”.

Left unchallenged,such thoughts can have a devastating impact.

So how do you take control of your thoughts? How do you become mentally disciplined?

The answer is : learn to control your focus by taking your mind“ off automatic ” and taking control of your“ self-talk.

Turn your negative self talk into productive questions. Instead of saying to yourself “ I can’t seem to find ANYONE to join my network marketing business ”,try asking yourself: “ what can I do differently to start attracting quality prospects to me?

Your mind is conditioned to answer the questions put to it…ask a constructive question,and your mind will give you a constructive answer.One you can act on to improve your circumstances.Don’t underestimate the effectiveness of this.Practice it, and it’s easy to shift your entire mindset.

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