The power of reason why

The power of reason why

What do you look for when interviewing prospects for your business ?

Are you looking for people who say they are “interested ” or maybe for people willing to listen to what you have to say?

If you are, stop. Instead, look for people with a strong “ reason why “.

Let me explain.

People who are “ interested ” are a dime a dozen.Check out this free video to learn why you should never talk to interested people.

You can stand out in front of any shopping center and ask people walking by if they’d be interested in making an extra $1000 a month and find “ prospects ” all day long, but they’re not who you’re looking for.”

Who you are looking for are people with a defined reason why.

People who are committed to changing their lifestyle and willing to do what it takes to accomplish that.

Example: Bob earns a $1000k/year in his corporate job. But that income comes at a high price. Long hours, overtime etc. cause Bob to work 60 hours a week or more. He has precious little time to spend with his family and is under constant stress. Bob wants a change and is investigating business opportunities. His commitment to change his lifestyle makes Bob an excellent prospect.

When interviewing prospects, you want to get to their “ reason why “. If they don’t have one, disqualify them and move on. If they do, ask questions to find out how committed they are to reaching their goals.

People with solid reasons for doing a business are far less likely to quit and far more likely to expend the energy and persistence needed to achieve success.

If your prospect is hesitating and not “ pulling the trigger ” after reviewing solid information on your business opportunity, simply revisit with them their “ reason why .” Why they were looking for an opportunity in the first place. How to pull the trigger–learn more here

Prospects have a very difficult time saying no when confronted with their own reason for doing something in the first place.

It puts the focus back on “them” where it should be. Ultimately, it is about them, and not about you or me. Our life will go on and be just fine whether they join or not, but they will be missing out on an opportunity that could have a profound impact on their lifestyle.

If their “ reason why ” is strong enough, they can’t afford to miss out.

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