The Power Of Stories

The Power Of Stories

What is it that triggers a prospect’s desire to join us in our network marketing venture?

  • Our company’s stellar growth?
  • Is it compensation plan?
  • The amazing facts we can sketch out on a white board?
  • Is it the money ?

No. It is not.

It’s emotion. Emotional appeals win out over “ factual ” presentations time and time again.

Even diehard “skeptics” (who you’d think would be the most likely to be “won over” by the facts) end up responding to emotional appeals.








Marketing Expert Seth Godin writes:

“…You must tell a story, not give a lecture. Mere proof isn’t enough. You win when the juror proves to himself that your version is the correct one. The process of discovery is more powerful than being told the right answer – because of course there is no right answer, and even if there were, the [juror] wouldn’t believe you! During opening statement, tell a compelling story. Arrange the facts in such a way that the jurors reach your conclusion on their own.”

Facts are important, but they’re used by our prospects later in the process to justify the decision that they’ve already made.

Here’s how we can use this information to increase our sponsoring:

When speaking with prospects, we can share with them how our business has impacted our life. If you’re brand new in the business, talk with them about how it feels to be on the road to financial independence or lifestyle freedom.








You can also share your upline’s story with them or better yet introduce them to your upline and let them hear their story first hand.

Stories help us inspire others and give them hope.

Use them. They can and will make all the difference in your sponsoring success. Here the secret to skyrocket your sponsoring .

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