The Un-sexy Secrets of Internet Con-Artists/ Guru & Self-made Internet Millionaires

The Un-sexy Secrets of Internet Con-Artists/Guru & Self-proclaimed Self-made Internet Millionaires

Why I am writing this blog because I am so fed up of getting mails or getting updates from so called internet multimillionaires.I want to put an end to this hype for once and all.

After reading it so many people will hate me, some of you will love me, some of you will unsubscribe from my list or vice-versa but I don’t care at all. I want to bring your attention to some of the facts I am observing for last one year. I want to put truth in front of you.

Everyday they come up with some hype, e.g.

Internet Millionaire reveals his secrets (for $25) and opens up partnership positions


Is he stupid or of abundant mentality or con-artist or is he short of cash? That’s a good way to con people.

Another hype headline (changed for obvious reasons)

This must be illegal(Yes it is)Two con-men leaving in a dilapidated (some weird place) to earning ( some grossly exaggerated figure) within a blink of an eye/ push of a button.

Let me tell you my story.When I was new to this industry, I had respect for many leaders but some of them (although they are earning $40-50k/month) are real shame to the MLM industry meanwhile let me admit also “I am nowhere close to them as far as income is concerned, but still I am commenting on them.”

There is one Guru, you can see his “AD” flashing all the time in “ “. It goes like this

We quit MLM. Now we (con) people into buying “push button” recruiting solutions and still make $40k/month.Now we are top income earners using this con-mechanism.We will show you How?

There is also a Guru,who are into “ Network Marketing ” but make 10 times more money in promoting affiliate launches.


They probably make $2k/month is MLM. They are called “ Affiliate Gurus “. They are always after “New Launch“. They also sell consider themselves as a leader and article marketing guru.


Once I observed this guru promoting “penny auction sites“. On his website he mentions US Govt has banned such schemes but still he puts his affiliate link in his article, I can’t count how many MLM this guy is promoting. He is also speaking at ” Live the Dream” event, so you can get fair idea, about whom I am talking about.

What these gurus do? A very important question.

They blackmail a frustrated prospect pointing out his pain, they tell him how they went through the same pain and then promote the prospect into buying some “get rich quick” or “push button recruiting” systems where they promise, you don’t have to talk to anyone, you don’t have to pick up the phone, you don’t have to lift a finger, we will do the selling for you .

If you are doing everything why do you need our money for? You go and sell your systems to innocent men and try to make a quick buck.

Here is the undeniable and indisputable secret of becoming an ” Instant Guru

  1. Find out frustrated,failed and con minded network marketers.
  2. Team up and Mastermind with them
  3. Hire a Photoshop Artist & create fake results(i.e. fake cheques)
  4. Each of Con-mastermind group member will promote each other
  5. Create a high ticket event of con-artists and create some buzz
  6. Reveal your secrets (not actual) and sell them a system which is eventually going to make you rich to produce the desired results
  7. Sell them system unless it’s banned everywhere i.e facebook, google, youtube
  8. Then come up with “New Product Launch” and repeat step 6 & 7.

Let me tell you one fact, I have seen many people who actually failed in MLM but becoming millionaires by selling a bunch of affiliate products to their list. These people are not going to create residual source of income ever. They will come and go. They come to the event and will only brag and display their cheques they earned through promoting some affiliate offer not through real MLM. Get away from these “Con- men“. You will never know when they will hop from one deal to the next deal.

I vented out my frustration on these Gurus. I will stop here. I think these affiliate gurus are such a shame to our industry. Not because they promote affiliate offers (which of course I also do) but because they consider themselves as part of “successful network marketing community

That’s all for today. I am really sorry for delaying the things I promised but I was really busy in the work lately but I promise I will deliver it in the next 1 or 2 days for sure.

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