There are no free lunches

There are no free lunches

It seems our society has been infected with the notion that immediate gratification and instant results are to be expected. The same is true
for Network Marketing. So many people join our great profession and then expect to get rich right away with very little effort.

What they don’t know is that “there are no free lunches.”

Sorry folks, it doesn’t work that way. It never has.

There was one instant I heard someone talking to the person just signed up.

The conversation goes like this.

“So how much time you are willing to put every week for this business?”

“On weekdays, I am very very busy,so don’t expect anything on weekdays from me. I am only available on Sunday and only for 2 hours.”

” So how much money you expect to make in the next 6 months?”

“Around 5000$”

“How much money you make in your job in six months?”

“Around 10000$”

“How many hours you work in the job per week?”

“70 hrs a week”

“And here you are putting 2 hrs per week and expecting 5000$ in next 6 months.Are you kidding?”

You don’t need to watch as much television as you do. You don’t need to update your status on Facebook as much as you do. You don’t need to waste as much time as you do.

Some people will not have time to devote to it as they might say but I have one question for you.Although I know what it’s like to build a business in the face of obstacles. It’s true that successful people do what unsuccessful people are not willing to do.

“Everybody has exactly the same amount of time. You and I both have 24 hours a day. 168 hours a week. No more. No less. The question is, what do you do with your time?

Most people spend about 51 hours a week sleeping and about 50 hours a week at work counting commuting time. So far that’s 101 hours.

On average, people spend about 15 hours a week eating, figuring 2 hours a day for breakfast,dinner and a few minutes here and there for snacks. That’s 116 hours.

Now throw in 24 hours a week for relaxing, reading, watching lunch & television, playing with the kids, making love with your spouse and getting some exercise. That makes 140 hours.
And on top of that, throw in 4 hours a week for going to church or watching a football game. That makes 144 hours.

But remember, there are 168 hours in a week. So even after we’ve eaten, slept, worked, played, made love and even watched a lot of television, we’ve still got 24 hours left over.

You could watch another 6 hours of television a week and still have 18 hours unaccounted for.”

One of the biggest problems in our profession is developing the mind-set of employing yourself. We have no problem living within the boundaries of what an employer expects of us. We’ll dress right, show up on time, do the work, and we’ll do those things over and over
and over every day. We’re actually proud of how few days we take off.

I will promise you this… if you put in the time… if you develop your belief… if you develop your skills… if you stay consistent…
the Network Marketing Profession will reward you with the lifestyle you deserve.

If you still have doubts,pray to Almighty that he should give you some other options to make a quick buck.

In the next article , I am going to talk about how to employ yourself in this business.

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