This habit will either make or break your chances to succeed in any MLM

This habit will either make or break your chances to succeed in any MLM

This is the single most skill which is responsible for you to succeed in any network marketing business.

This can either make or break your chances of becoming successful in any network marketing business i.e. “ Follow Up and Close

The people who think they are not very good at follow-up, their chances to earn full-time income through this business is virtually zero.

How can somebody be not very good at follow-up?

It’s not a technically challenging thing. It’s just the skill you have learn effectively, either closing by meeting that person personally or getting him on a three way call with your upline sponsor.

Don’t act like you are into ” Boomrang Marekting ” hoping that people will get back to you on their own. It’s not going to happen often. You might get some few customers every now and then but you can’t build your sustaining career with that technique. You can get lucky sometimes but you are not going to make full time income if you don’t follow up and close .

Closing doesn’t mean “Yes” but it means getting the decision which is either ” YES” or “NO“.

If you are talking to somebody, then they are expecting you to get back to them, so follow up and close.

What’s the best time to follow up?

As soon as possible.

How soon?

Within 24 to 48 hrs.

Some tips on good follow up and close procedure

1. Call on appropriate time.Don’t call 15 minutes before or after. Act like a professional.

2. Take help from your upline leader while doing a three way call and listen how they talk.

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