What to do if your upline quits ?

What to do if your upline quits ?

Even if you are a complete newbie or you are veteran to this industry, at some point in time your direct upline or upline leader may quit. For the veteran players, presence of upline doesn’t matter much but if you are new to this industry or you are dependable on your upline , this will matter to you very much.

In my career in Network Marketing, I have seen a lot of people quit including the leaders who were actually making the big money leaving their whole downline in lurch. I have seen many newbies quit after some rejection but that’s common but what to do if your upline quits and you are a complete newbie and you want to build the business….What to do then ?

I hope you are not a quitter like 98% people in this industry but how to get support from your upline.

So why upline or anybody quits ? I have written an extensive post over that issue read it here.

What steps you should take if your upline quits ?

Whenever you come into the business, make sure you get chance to meet upline of your direct upline and all other senior upline members who are getting financial benefits from you and willing to work with you and most importantly willing to help you. Get to know them. Talk to them. This step is very important as it will give you chance to interact with them and in the future , you can talk to them for the support.

Now if many people in your upline quit, your grand upline may be a very busy person, if he/she has time to work with you one on one then it’s very goo but if that’s not the case then you have to meet him/her whenever he/she is in town, remain in touch with him/her on his/her BBM or Whatsapp, don’t bug them every now and then, make their time worthwhile, learn from them and learn to show the plan effectively and then start inviting prospects and building your business. You can take help of your upline leader in 3 way calls and closing.

Make sure you attend all the trainings and events and meet all senior upline members and establish connection with them.


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