What’s the importance of Morning Rituals while building your business ?

What’s the importance of Morning Rituals while building your business ?

Morning Rituals is one of the best things you can ever follow. I came across this while reading some books, browsing some websites online. I was really struggling to manage my time. When I used to start my day, I used to get very overwhelmed just at the thought of thinking how many things I want to accomplish that day. I didn’t use to plan my day and that was the major reason I was suffering in my productivity. I was working more harder to accomplish small things. Then I discovered something called Morning Rituals .

Why Morning Rituals are important ?

Morning Rituals set the tone of whole day.

It helps you to calm your mind.

It will help you to concentrate more on your work..

It will cause much less distraction.

It will instantly increase your productivity.

How to do Morning Rituals ?

When you wake up , drink a lot of water because your body is dehydrated for the whole night. Drinking a glass of water replenishes water inside your body.

Then exercise for 20-30 minutes. Exercise is very important in order to get your body moving and channelize your energy in the right direction. It also keeps you fit. Exercise includes Yoga, Walking, Running or Weight training.

Then consume breakfast. Make sure it’s healthy (consists of Raw food, fruits etc ) and you don’t eat junk food in the morning……

Then do meditation for 15-20 minutes. I do affirmations while I meditate and tap along. You can learn more about tapping in this following video.

Then read some book on Marketing or Self help or listen to any Audio book.

Then you can plan a day. I personally use this software called “Evernote

And when you start working out block all the distractions like facebook and work in the chunks of 60 minutes and then take a break for 10 minutes then gain work for 60 minutes and then take a break for 20 minutes. In the time gap, either you can relax by meditating or playing games or listening to subliminal audios (by Paul Scheele)

If you use some of these morning rituals I follow and if you are able to fit some of these strategies in your schedule, you will be much more productive.

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